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Obogashchenie Rud

ArticleName Upon model of grinding process in drum ball mill
ArticleAuthors Andreev Ye. Ye., Kulakov А. G.
ArticleAuthorsData Andreev Ye. Ye., e-mail:
ArticleName Crushing-and-sizing plants technological efficiency improvement in production of crushed stone from rocky material
ArticleAuthor Dalatkazin А. А.
ArticleAuthorData Dalatkazin А. А., e-mail:
ArticleName Ore preparation processes and dressability studies with regard to the Syrymbet deposit tin-bearing ore
ArticleAuthors Babuk А. V., Galyutin А. Yu., Golikov V. V., Kuskov V. B.
ArticleAuthorsData Golikov V. V., phone: (812) 622-15-58
ArticleName The Erdenetiyn-Ovoo deposit copper-molybdenum ores mining depth increase
ArticleAuthors Damdinzhav Zh., Andreev Ye. Ye., Brichkin V. P., Sizyakov V. М.
ArticleAuthorsData Andreev Ye. Ye., e-mail:
ArticleName Finely disseminated iron ores processing technology improvement with application of hydrocyclone
ArticleAuthors Nikitin Ye. N., Tyutyunnik N. D., Bronitskaya Ye. S.
ArticleAuthorsData Nikitin Ye. N., e-mail:
ArticleName Effect of non-ionogenic additions on hexadecylsulfate sorption on mineral barite surface
ArticleAuthors Azbel I. Ye., Arsentyev V. А.
ArticleAuthorsData Azbel I. Ye., e-mail:, Teleperformance Deutschland Group
ArticleName Panshin А. М., Yevdokimov S. I.
ArticleAuthor A study of placer gold flotation properties
ArticleAuthorData Yevdokimov S. I., e-mail:
ArticleName Panychev А. А., Nikonova А. P.
ArticleAuthor A study of various parameters effect on sinter strength of Mikhailovsky and Lebedinsky concentrates
ArticleAuthorData Panychev А. А., e-mail:
ArticleName Kopchenkov V. G., Penkin N. S., Serbin V. М.
ArticleAuthor Slurry lines and pipeline accessories durability increase through rubberizing
ArticleAuthorData Kopchenkov V. G., e-mail:
ArticleName Aleksandrov V. I., Kibirev V. I.
ArticleAuthor Calculation method for mineral processing tailings delivery hydrotransport parameters determination
ArticleAuthorData Aleksandrov V. I., e-mail:; Kibirev V. I., e-mail:
ArticleName Blekhman I. I., Blekhman L. I., Vaisberg L. А., Vasilkov V. B., Yakimova K. S.
ArticleAuthors Vibrational effects in liquid, loose and combined media: experiment, theory, possible applications
ArticleAuthorsData Blekhman I. I., e-mail:, Vaisberg L. А., e-mail:
ArticleName JSC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» Financial Report: 2008
ArticleName JSC «Mekhanobr-Invest» Financial Report: 2008
Journals →  Obogashchenie Rud →  2009 →  #4