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ArticleName Crushing-and-sizing plants technological efficiency improvement in production of crushed stone from rocky material
ArticleAuthor Dalatkazin А. А.
ArticleAuthorData Dalatkazin А. А., e-mail:
Abstract Problems that challenged industrial minerals construction materials production facilities under the conditions of the world financial crisis are addressed. By the example of the «Orskoye Karyeroupravleniye» JSC, the advantages of flexible processing flow sheets application in production of crushed stone from rocky materials using equipment of various producers, are revealed. Specific flow sheets for production of crushed stone size fractions, differing in price and quality, subject to the market demands, are described. Problems of power consumption decrease, as well as crushed product screening rejects reduction in production of crushed stone from gabbro-diabase materials are considered.
keywords Market conditions, cube-shaped crushed stone, flexible processing flow sheet, crushed product screening rejects, quality, narrow size fractions, modernization, production rate.
Language of full-text russian
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