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ArticleName Kopchenkov V. G., Penkin N. S., Serbin V. М.
ArticleAuthor Slurry lines and pipeline accessories durability increase through rubberizing
ArticleAuthorData Kopchenkov V. G., e-mail:
Abstract In order to increase durability of slurry lines and their adapter fittings, as well as locking and regulating valves, used for operating fluid transport at mining-and-mineral facilities, rubber-lining method may be recommended, that permits to increase operating lifespan by the factor of 4–6. The article reviews proposed technological alternatives for the method realization: production of rubber pipes, as well as rein-forced-resin pipes, pipes rubber-lined through high-temperature and cold vulcanization. Main types and major manufacturers of piping rubberized accessories are reviewed.
keywords Slurry lines; accessories; rubberizing; rubber, reinforced-resin, rubber-lined pipes.
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3. Serbin V. М., Penkin N. S. Povysheniye iznosostoykosti diskovykh povorotnykh zatvorov metodom gummirovaniya // Gorny zhurnal. 2006. N 9.
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