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The issue begins with the review of the papers submitted to the XXVIIth International Mineral Processing Congress, held in Chile in October, 2014. The review briefly characterizes the papers dedicated to ore preparation and flotation, the presented data showing that flotation remains to be one of priority research areas.


This is confirmed by the publications in the journal “Obogashchenie Rud” covering the questions of flotation processes application in concentrating plants’ processing flow sheets, development of new flotation reagents and flotation machines’ design improvements.


So, the current issue of the journal includes a publication presenting the research data showing the effect of various combinations of sulfhydric collectors on chalcopyrite, sphalerite, pyrite and pyrrhotine monominerals flotation rates (the paper by V. А. Ignatkina, et al.); the method of reagent collecting ability estimation by magnitude of force, acting from the side of reagent desorbed form film upon liquid in interlayer, is proposed (the paper by S. А. Kondratyev and V. I. Ryaboy); the results of mineralogical-and-processing studies, as well as stage flotation, performed on aged gold-containing dump tailings are analyzed, demonstrating a possible production of concentrate with gold grade of 6.6 g/t, yield being 15.67 %, which permits to subject a relatively small fraction of flotation concentrate to cyanidation, thus reducing operational costs in gold-containing concentrate processing (the paper by G. Zh. Abdykirova, et al.).

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Название The XXVIIth International Mineral Processing Congress (Part 1)
Автор Maksimov I. I.
Информация об авторе

Mekhanobr Engineering CJSC (Russia):

Maksimov I. I., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Deputy General Director on Science, science@mekhanobr.spb.ru

Название Application of vibrational fluidization in dry concentration of finely disseminated ores
Авторы Dmitriev S. V., Ivanov K. S., Mezenin A. O., Nikolaev А. I.
Информация об авторах

REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» (Russia):

Dmitriev S. V., Chief Specialist

Ivanov K. S., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Researcher

Mezenin A. O., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Leading Specialist

E-mail (common): gornyi@mtspb.com


I. V. Tananaev Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements and Mineral Raw Materials of the Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (ICTREMRM KSC RAS, Russia):

Nikolaev А. I., Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Deputy Director, nikol_ai@chemi.colasc.net

Название Base metals sulfides flotation response increase with application of sulfhydric collectors combinations
Авторы Ignatkina V. А., Bocharov V. А., Milovich F. O., Ivanova P. G., Khachatryan L. S.
Информация об авторах

National University of Science and Technology MISiS (Russia):

Ignatkina V. А., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor, woda@mail.ru

Bocharov V. А., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Professor

Milovich F. O., Ph. D. in Physics and Mathematics, Leading Engineer

Ivanova P. G., Master
Khachatryan L. S., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Senior Researcher

Название Dithiophosphates collecting ability estimation and its relationship to selectivity of valuable component recovery
Авторы Kondratyev S. А., Ryaboy V. I.
Информация об авторах

Chinakal Institute of Mining of the Siberian Branch of the RAS (Russia):

Kondratyev S. А., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Head of Laboratory, kondr@misd.nsc.ru


Mekhanobr-Orgsintez-Reagent Ltd. (Russia):

Ryaboy V. I., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, General Director, frim@isc1.nw.ru

Название Increasing gas-permeability of sinter mix with high content of finely-ground iron ore concentrate
Авторы Trushko V. L., Utkov V. А., Klyamko A. S.
Информация об авторах

National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines) (Russia):

Trushko V. L.,  Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector, trushko@spmi.ru

Utkov V. А., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, kafmetall@mail.ru


LLC «Metall-grupp» (Russia):

Klyamko A. S., Chairman of the Supervisory Board, info@yakrudnik.ru

Название Color space effect upon solid minerals optical sorting efficiency
Авторы Gorbunova E. V., Chertov А. N., Olkhovskiy А. М.
Информация об авторах

ITMO University (Russia):

Gorbunova E. V., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Senior Researcher, gorbunova@grv.ifmo.ru
Chertov А. N., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Senior Researcher, a.n.chertov@mail.ru


Research-and-Production Enterprise GeoTestService (Russia):

Olkhovskiy А. М., General Director, a_olh@mail.ru

Название An integrated approach to the Khibini deposits apatite-nepheline ores processing and utilization: economics
Авторы Tsukerman V. A., Selin V. S., Goryachevskaya E. S.
Информация об авторах

Institute of Economic Problems, Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia):

Tsukerman V. A., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Department, tsukerman@iep.kolasc.ne
Selin V. S., Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of Department, silin@iep.kolasc.ne
Goryachevskaya E. S., Researcher

Название A study into the feasibility of gold recovery from aged dump tailings of gold-recovery plants
Авторы Abdykirova G. Zh., Bekturganov N. S., Dyusenova S. B., Tanekeeva M. Sh., Sukurov B. M.
Информация об авторах

Center of Earth Sciences, Metallurgy and Ore Benefication JSC (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Abdykirova G. Zh., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Leading Researcher, abdgul@mail.ru
Tanekeeva M. Sh., Researcher, ao.cnzmo@rambler.ru

Dyusenova S. B., Leading Engineer, dusenova_s@mail.ru

Sukurov B. M., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Leading Engineer


JSC National Scientific and Technological Holding «Parasat» (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Bekturganov N. S., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Academician of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Scientific Consultant of Joint Stock Company, n.bekturganov@parasat.com.kz

Название Development of mix preparation technology for mineral cotton production, based on rocks processing waste material utilization
Авторы Bortnikov А. V., Samukov А. D., Spiridonov P. А., Shuloyakov А. D.
Информация об авторах

Interstroyproekt, CISC (Russia):

Bortnikov А. V., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Chief Specialist, bortnikov_av@npk-mt.spb.ru
Samukov А. D., Chief Project Engineer, dezintegr@mail.ru
Spiridonov P. А., Chief Specialist, spiridonov_pa@npk-mt.spb.ru

Shuloyakov А. D., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, General Director, interstroyproekt@mail.ru

Название Mineral deposits development areas environmental pollution assessment technique
Авторы Kurilenko V. V., Khaykovich I. M.
Информация об авторах

St. Petersburg State University (Russia):

Kurilenko V. V., Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy, Professor, Head of Chair, vvk_eco@mail.ru


NPP Geologorazvedka (Russia):
Khaykovich I. M., Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Chief Researcher, imkha@inbox.ru

Название Design and implementation of an AVC grinding circuit at Billiton Cannington
Авторы Jankovic A., Valery W., Clarke G.
Информация об авторах

Metso Minerals Process Technology Asia-Pacific, Australia:

Jankovic A.

Valery W.


BHP Billiton Cannington Mine, Australia:

Clarke G.

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