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ArticleName Base metals sulfides flotation response increase with application of sulfhydric collectors combinations
DOI 10.17580/or.2015.03.03
ArticleAuthor Ignatkina V. А., Bocharov V. А., Milovich F. O., Ivanova P. G., Khachatryan L. S.

National University of Science and Technology MISiS (Russia):

Ignatkina V. А., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, Professor,

Bocharov V. А., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Professor

Milovich F. O., Ph. D. in Physics and Mathematics, Leading Engineer

Ivanova P. G., Master
Khachatryan L. S., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Senior Researcher


The results of the studies on butyl xanthate ionized sulfhydric collector fraction or isobutyl dithiophosphate fraction in combination with thionocarbamates (ITK), as well as butyl xanthate fraction in combination with sulfhydric collector M-TF, which itself is a combination of thionocarbamate and dithiophosphate, affecting chalcopyrite, sphalerite, pyrite and pyrrhotine monominerals flotation rates, are analyzed. Special techniques, used for sulfides preparation for flotation studies, are described. It is shown, that combination of ITK with isobutyl dithiophosphate is characterized by a lowest flotation activity with respect to pyrite, and combination of M-TF and butyl xanthate demonstrates an extremely low flotation activity with respect to pyrrhotine. It was established, that increasing butyl xanthate fraction in any combinations leads to increase in flotation rates of all monominerals. Recovery into concentrate with application of butyl xanthate is higher for pyrite, than for pyrrhotine. Sulfhydric collectors films are visualized on chalcopyrite surface for the first time. Application of M-TF reagent in combination with butyl xanthate on copper-pyrites ore sample provided for selective separation of copper sulfides into primary fractions in contrast to conventional reagent regime with butyl xanthate. The highest rate constant of flotation corresponds to M-TF combination with butyl xanthate in a 4 : 1 and 3 : 1 ratio, depending on ore material composition.

The studies were performed with the aid of the Russian Science Foundation Grant (Project No. 14-17-00393).

The equipment of the SUC «Metal Science and Metallurgy» of the National Research Technological University «Moscow Institute of Steel and Alloys» was used in the studies performed.

keywords Flotation, sulfides, sulfhydric collectors’ combinations, flotation rate, collectors’ surface films

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