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ArticleName Development of mix preparation technology for mineral cotton production, based on rocks processing waste material utilization
DOI 10.17580/or.2015.03.09
ArticleAuthor Bortnikov А. V., Samukov А. D., Spiridonov P. А., Shuloyakov А. D.

Interstroyproekt, CISC (Russia):

Bortnikov А. V., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Chief Specialist,
Samukov А. D., Chief Project Engineer,
Spiridonov P. А., Chief Specialist,

Shuloyakov А. D., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, General Director,


The paper reports the results of the experimental and theoretical studies, validating feasibility of mix preparation for mineral cotton production from mixture of granitic and dolomitic rocks processing waste materials in a certain ratio (75–70 % : 20–25 %), with addition of 5 % binding agents. On the basis of the obtained results, a technology was developed for working the above materials, including size reduction of all mix components to fine-dispersed (–0.315 mm), their dosing in a certain ratio, mixing, granulation, sizing and, if required, drying with output of granulated mix of 5–20 mm size, suitable for mineral cotton production. Four possible alternative mix preparation flow sheets have been developed. The main difference with these flow sheets consists in utilization of carbonate rocks processing waste materials of different sizes. The second principal difference is the technique used for preparation of granules. A most preferable alternative flow sheet for commercial implementation will be determined through further investigations by means of comparative technical and economic calculations to assess cost effectiveness of mix preparation process at well-grounded different production rates with application of corresponding equipment.

The paper was prepared in the framework of the Government Agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation No. 14.576.21.0042, dated 16.07.2014, (UIPNI RFMEFI57614X0042).

keywords Rocks processing waste materials, mineral cotton, mix preparation technology, granite, dolomite, binding agent, mixing, granulation, drying

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