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ArticleName An integrated approach to the Khibini deposits apatite-nepheline ores processing and utilization: economics
DOI 10.17580/or.2015.03.07
ArticleAuthor Tsukerman V. A., Selin V. S., Goryachevskaya E. S.

Institute of Economic Problems, Kola Science Centre of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia):

Tsukerman V. A., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Department,
Selin V. S., Doctor of Economics, Professor, Head of Department,
Goryachevskaya E. S., Researcher


In order to maintain competitiveness of the domestic ore mining and processing enterprises in the present-day macroeconomic situation, more focus should be put on cost improvement and equipment-technology «shifts» at all production stages, including mining, processing and subsequent production operations. With that, under the conditions of limited access to western credits and technologies, significantly grows the role of domestic developments, aimed at import substitution. The paper considers the most important problems, related to processing and all-round utilization of the Khibini deposits apatite-nepheline ores, including cost-saving at the processing stage, in one respect, and turn out of competitive products, in the other. Taking into consideration the world market conjuncture, the authors propose to intensify efforts in production of aluminosilicate raw materials, as well as rare metals and their compounds. The most important trend in upgrade, especially with regard to the Khibini apatite-nepheline complex ore-processing enterprises, is product range diversification.

The paper was prepared on the basis of the scientific research, performed with the aid of the Russian Science Foundation Grant, Project No. 14-38-00009 «The Russian Federation Arctic Zone Development Management by Objectives».

keywords Processing, economics, all-round utilization, technologies, nepheline, alumina, rare-earth metals, diversification, efficiency, return water system, apatite concentrate

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