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ArticleName Increasing gas-permeability of sinter mix with high content of finely-ground iron ore concentrate
DOI 10.17580/or.2015.03.05
ArticleAuthor Trushko V. L., Utkov V. А., Klyamko A. S.

National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines) (Russia):

Trushko V. L.,  Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Vice-Rector,

Utkov V. А., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor,


LLC «Metall-grupp» (Russia):

Klyamko A. S., Chairman of the Supervisory Board,


Sinter mix gas-permeability declines with increase of its iron ore concentrate content, reducing throughput rate of sintering machines. The authors propose to solve this problem by means of using the Yakovlevskoye deposit sintering ore. It is only slightly inferior to iron ore concentrates with regard to iron content, but increases gas-permeability of sinter mixes by the factor of 2–4. This permits to increase sintering machines throughput rate by 5–10 % or even up to 25–50 % and over, if sinter mix layer height is increased accordingly. This produces a significant effect by way of process fuel saving and product sinter strength increase.

keywords Iron ore concentrate, sintering ore, pelletizing, gas-permeability, sintering, throughput rate

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