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A number oftechnological developments are presented in this issue, based on application of dry methods of ore-preparation and beneficiation, significantly decreasingenvironmental damage, caused bymining and processing operations.


So, the paper by V. I. Lyashenko, et al., describes the scientific and practical results in development of radiometric technologies and technicalfacilities for preconcentration of uranium ores with a view to accomplish sorting of ore mined underground and carry out reprocessing of dumped wastes by means of modular installations. The authors propose, that separated cut-off grade ore and barren rock may not be wound up to surface, but instead used for backfilling ofcavities, filling of mine roads and rail tracks or such reject materials may be subjected to leaching.


Possibilities of low-grade scheelite ores separation by means of X-ray absorption method on TOMRA Sorting equipment are considered in the paper by I. V. Alushkin, et al. As a result of the studies, it was established that preliminary separation permits to increase WO3 content in subsequent flotation processing stage feed by the factor of 4-5, removing at the process head up to 84 % of machine-processed size fractions as separation final tailings regarding WO3 grade, thus providing for capital and operating expenses decrease, without sacrificing of high metallurgical and economical results.


The methods of dry magnetic and electrostatic separation were successfully employed with a view to develop a technology for production of a marketable ilmenite product from the Butkinsky Mining and Processing Complex rougher ilmenite-zircon concentrate(the paper by S. V. Dmitriev,et al.). It is noted, that by means of application of dry processing methods, not only ecological performance is improved, but higher processing results are also obtained owing to the absence ofliquid resistance in material flow.


The last paper in this issue is also dedicated to the environmental-related topics. The paper presents the commercial-scale testing results of the wastewaters complex acoustical treatment installation, developed by the author (S. A. Bakharev), being tested for treatment of effluent water discharged by mining-and-processing operations, located in valleys of spawning streams. It is shown, that with industrial wastewaters discharge of 500-3500 m3/hr, efficiency of acoustical purification from suspended substances and heavy metals reaches 85-90 %, and, with subsequent daily settling – 95-97 %.

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ArticleName Radiometric sorting of uranium ores
ArticleAuthors Lyashenko V. I., Kislyy P. A., Dyatchin V. Z.

State Enterprise «Ukrainian Research & Development Institute for Industrial Technology» (Ukraine):

Lyashenko V. I., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Senior Researcher; Head of Department;
Kislyy P. A., Chief Specialist;

Institut predprinimatelstva «Strategiya» (Institute of Entrepreneurship «Strategy», Ukraine):

Dyatchin V. Z., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences; Senior Lecturer;

ArticleName Toothed-screw crusher operational experience in orepreparation processes
ArticleAuthor Stepanenko A. I.

Gormashexport JSC (Russia):

Stepanenko A. I., General Director;

ArticleName The Butkinsky Mining and Processing Complex rougher concentrate flow sheet development with a view to produce marketable ilmenite product
ArticleAuthors +Azbel Yu. I., Dmitriyev S. V., Mezenin A. O., Bukharov M. I.

REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (Russia):

Dmitriyev S. V., Chief Specialist;
Mezenin A. O., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences; Leading Specialist;


Butkinskiy GOK (Russia):

Bukharov M. I., Chief Technologist

ArticleName The Yaregskoye deposit petroliferous titanium ore, characterized by low titanium dioxide content, dressability study
ArticleAuthors Asonchik K. М., Aksenova G. Ya., Belov А. Ye., Belova V. P.

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (Russia):

Asonchik K. М., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences; Leading Researcher;
Aksenova G. Ya., Ph. D. in Geology and Mineralogy; Leading Researcher;
Belov А. Ye., Engineer;
Belova V. P., Engineer of the First Category;

ArticleName Magnetite losses decrease at the Abagurskaya concentrating plant
ArticleAuthors Ganzhenko I. M., Yakubaylik E. K.

Evraz’s Abagur Branch (Russia):

Ganzhenko I. M., Chief Specialist on Mineral Processing;

L. V. Kirensky Institute of Physics, Siberian Branch of RAS (Russia):

Yakubaylik E. K., Ph. D. in Physics and Mathematics; Senior Researcher

ArticleName A treatability study of the Bakcharskoye deposit iron ores concentration by means of high-intensity magnetic separation
ArticleAuthors Lvov V. V., Kuskov V. B.

National Mineral Resources University (University of Mines) (Russia):

Lvov V. V., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences; Associate Professor,
Kuskov V. B., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences; Associate Professor,

ArticleName Prospects of X-ray absorption separation introduction with respect to the Vostok-2 deposit tungsten ores
ArticleAuthors Alushkin I. V., Shchipchin V. B., Leonov V. B., Shepeta Ye. D., Samatova L. A.

Thrane Teknikk (Russia):

Alushkin I. V., Specialist in Radiometric Beneficiation;
Shchipchin V. B., Chief Specialist in Radiometric Beneficiation;
Leonov V. B., Chief Specialist in Beneficiation Technologies;


Institute of Mining Engineering, Far East Branch of RAS (Russia):

Shepeta Ye. D., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences; Senior Researcher;
Samatova L. A., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences; Associate Professor;

ArticleName Cations ionic radiuses calculation in the context of atom kernels and binding electrons crystal chemistry
ArticleAuthor Zuyev V. V.

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (Russia):

Zuyev V. V., Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy; Leading Researcher;

ArticleName Iron ores wet magnetic separation slimes utilization in expanded-clay aggregate production
ArticleAuthors Nikiforova E. M., Yeromasov R. G., Vlasov О. А., Vasilyeva М. N., Simonova N. S.

Siberian Federal University (Russia):

Nikiforova E. M., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences; Associate Professor;
Yeromasov R. G., Senior Lecturer;
Vlasov О. А., Doctor of Engineering Sciences; Professor;
Vasilyeva М. N., Ph. D. in Chemistry; Associate Professor;
Simonova N. S., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences; Associate Professor;

ArticleName A complex acoustical method for industrial wastewaters purification from various impurites
ArticleAuthor Bakharev S. A.

Individual Entrepreneur (Russia):

Bakharev S. A., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor;

ArticleName +Georgiy Tikhonovich Sazonov (1937–2015)
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