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ArticleName A complex acoustical method for industrial wastewaters purification from various impurites
ArticleAuthor Bakharev S. A.

Individual Entrepreneur (Russia):

Bakharev S. A., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor;


Mining of noble metals and valuable crystals is associated with processing of vast quantities of rock materials in the location of river and stream valleys. As a result of processing operations, a partial environmental destruction occurs, hydrological regime of rivers is changed, as well as a related hydrologic situation. Discharge of wastewaters with high concentration of suspended substances and heavy metals leads to fish mortality, silting of watercourses and vegetation die-off in bottomland plots. The wastewaters complex treatment installation, developed by the author, was subjected to commercial-scale testing with treatment of effluent water, as well as drainage, mine dump and quarry waters, discharged by mining-and-processing operations, located in valleys of spawning streams, and the testing results are presented. It is shown, that with industrial wastewaters discharge of 500–3500 m3/hr, 85–90 % efficiency of acoustical purification from suspended substances and heavy metals is achieved, and, with subsequent daily settling — 95–97 %. With that, power consumption does not exceed 0.5 W per 1 m3 of wastewater with suspended substances starting concentration being up to 2–3 g/l. Evidence is provided, regarding that the developed method complies with the requirements of the generalized criterion «Quality — Productivity — Cost — Energy Consumption — Ecological Performance» to a maximum degree. The wastewaters complex treatment installation, equipped with magnetoacoustic hydrocyclone, developed by the author, provides for water purification (solids and bio impurities removal), demineralization and decontamination of environmental waters, used in return water systems of mining-and-processing facilities in the Russia’s Far North region.

keywords Noble metals, valuable crystals, ore-dressing plant, wastewaters, solids and bio impurities, nonlinear acoustics, acoustical water clarification, acoustical sediment thickening

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