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ArticleName The Yaregskoye deposit petroliferous titanium ore, characterized by low titanium dioxide content, dressability study
ArticleAuthor Asonchik K. М., Aksenova G. Ya., Belov А. Ye., Belova V. P.

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (Russia):

Asonchik K. М., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences; Leading Researcher;
Aksenova G. Ya., Ph. D. in Geology and Mineralogy; Leading Researcher;
Belov А. Ye., Engineer;
Belova V. P., Engineer of the First Category;


The results of the studies of the Yaregskoye deposit petroliferous titanium ore, unique in respect of its composition of oil and titanium reserves, are presented. Titanium dioxide mass fraction in commercial-grade ore varies from 6.2 to 22.6 %, amounting to 10.5 % on the average. Titanium dioxide is represented by leucoxene — a polymineral aggregate, its main constituents are rutile and stoichiometric anatase, as well as silica, represented by very thin grains of authigenic quartz. As a result of the studies, a flotation beneficiation flow sheet has been developed, including: ore grinding to the size of 53 % of 71 micron size fraction; rougher and scavenging flotation at the temperature of 40–45 °С in alkaline medium, formed with calcined soda, and four concentrate cleaning circuits. Fatty-acid collectors and barren rock depressor sodium tripolyphosphate were used as the main reagents. Application of the developed flow sheet for processing of the feed ore with TiO2 mass fraction of 4.6 % provided for production of titanium concentrate with TiO2 mass fraction of 52.6 %, recovery being 59.8 %.

keywords The Yaregskoye deposit, petroliferous titanium ore, leucoxene, flotation, fatty-acid collectors, titanium-containing concentrate

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