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ArticleName Prospects of X-ray absorption separation introduction with respect to the Vostok-2 deposit tungsten ores
ArticleAuthor Alushkin I. V., Shchipchin V. B., Leonov V. B., Shepeta Ye. D., Samatova L. A.

Thrane Teknikk (Russia):

Alushkin I. V., Specialist in Radiometric Beneficiation;
Shchipchin V. B., Chief Specialist in Radiometric Beneficiation;
Leonov V. B., Chief Specialist in Beneficiation Technologies;


Institute of Mining Engineering, Far East Branch of RAS (Russia):

Shepeta Ye. D., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences; Senior Researcher;
Samatova L. A., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences; Associate Professor;


A possibility in principle of low-grade –50+6 mm size scheelite ores separation by means of X-ray absorption method on TOMRA Sorting equipment is considered. As a result of the studies, it was established that preliminary separation permits to increase WO3 content in subsequent flotation processing stage feed by the factor of 4–5, removing at the process head up to 84 % of machine-processed size fractions as separation final tailings regarding WO3 grade, thus providing in total for capital and operating expenses decrease, without sacrificing of high metallurgical and economical results. It is noted, that XRT-separation performance figures are consistently reproduced with regard to different size fractions, corroborating reliability of the method and chosen separating attribute; separation of scheelite ores machine-processed size fractions by means of separator with XRT-sensor does not require any special preparation of feed material (washing, surface cleaning, etc.); feed material moisture, its color, texture, admixtures, impurities, dirt, dust, pigment, etc., do not affect feed material lumps measuring quality by XRT-method. It is shown, that «bottleneck» of the technology in question is unsorted –6+0 mm size fraction, and its yield may be decreased through separated feed material size increase, which will be the subject of further studies.

keywords Tungsten ore, scheelite, X-ray transmission, XRT-separation

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