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ArticleName Cations ionic radiuses calculation in the context of atom kernels and binding electrons crystal chemistry
ArticleAuthor Zuyev V. V.

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (Russia):

Zuyev V. V., Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy; Leading Researcher;


A methodology for cations ionic radiuses (atom kernels) estimation has been developed in the context of atom kernels and binding electrons crystal chemistry, using atom kernels energy coefficients; necessary formulas are presented, by means of which a large amount of corresponding estimates was performed, demonstrating reasonable convergence with the known experimental information. Thus, an alternative approach is proposed for determination of cations ionic radiuses, solving an important problem in crystal chemistry. An attempt to estimate anions ionic radiuses by means of the proposed formulas in general did not yield successful results. The analysis of the obtained data permits to draw a conclusion, that ionic crystal lattice concept is justified from physical standpoint with respect to a limited scope of crystalline halogenides, that is, compounds of alkali and alkaline-earth metals, as well as other metals, with anions F1–, Cl1–, Br1–, I1–. Physically, existence of ionic crystals with double- and higher-charged anions is significantly problematical. This conclusion provides additional arguments in favor of the earlier expressed judgments on inadequacy and boundedness of the ionic crystal lattice concept.

keywords Atom kernels and binding electrons crystal chemistry, dependence of cations ionic radiuses upon energy coefficients, new method of any cations ionic radiuses estimation, inadequacy of multivalent anions compounds ionic crystal lattice concept

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