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The first article in this issue: “Upon ores disintegration selectivity estimation” (the authors: G.D. Krasnov, et al.), in the section “Ore Preparation” in practice continues the discussion of the problem of mineral materials selective disintegration, raised in the theoretical works by E.A. Khopunov, published in the previous issues of the journal. The experiments performed in different apparatuses: ball and rod mills, inertia cone crusher and high-pressure rolls, with disintegrated product particle-size distribution analysis, demonstrate the advantage of the methods with dominant bulk compression mechanism.

The article “All-round chemical-dressing technology for processing of rischorrites” (the authors: Ye.S. Gorbunova, et al.), in the section “Processing Technology” deserves attention owing to the reflected in the title all-round comprehensive solution to a question of the Khibini Mountains high-potassium nepheline-feldspar rocks processing with production of non-chlorine potash fertilizers, alumina and amorphous silica.

The section “Process Theory”, that recently appeared in the journal, is increasingly in demand. The authors of the article “Upon vibration effect on flow of liquid in tray, and associated nonlinear effects” (I.I. Blekhman, et al.), tried to answer the question: is it possible to cause directed flow of liquid upon flat surface by means of vibration? The experiments described in the article showed that only violent vibration produced a small effect through various nonlinear effects. Description of cellular structures formed on vibrating surface of liquid and an attempt of theoretical analysis of this phenomenon are of a certain interest. The aim of the author of the article “Special features of pneumatic mineral dressing methods” (N.F. Merinov) is to attract attention of the specialists to pneumatic mineral dressing methods as most economical. The article presents a detailed comparison of special features of behavior of mineral particles of various density and size with regard to free and hindered falling in water and in air.

The idea, earlier expounded in the article “Loose material classification under vibratory segregation conditions – device, modeling, experiment” (“Obogashchenie Rud” No. 5, 2010), also published in the section “Process Theory”, served as a basis for development of a wedge wire screen model, with its main performance parameters being analyzed in the article “A vibrating sizing screen model (wedge wire screen) study” (the authors: А.V. Bortnikov, et al.), published in this issue of the journal in the section “Equipment”.

The review of the world practice of copper-porphyry ores dressing (the article by I.Sh. Sataev, V.F. Baranov), presenting the new technical developments applied at foreign concentrating plants, may be useful for Russian specialists in the way of operating technologies improvement, new processing solutions development, existing operations upgrade.

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Название Upon ores disintegration selectivity estimation
Авторы Krasnov G. D., Chikhladze V. V., Shekhirev D. V.
Информация об авторах Krasnov Geliy Dmitriyevich, Chief Researcher, hely28@mail.ru; Chikhladze Vladimir Vakhtangovich, Senior Researcher, Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources, Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia); Shekhirev Dmitriy Vitalyevich, Head of Chair, National University of Science and Technology «MISIS» (Russia).
Название Iron sands beneficiation technology of AO «Kazakhstan Aluminium»
Авторы Budon S. V., Ibragimov А. Т., Tverdokhlebov S. А., Medvedev V. V.
Информация об авторах Budon Sergey Viktorovich 1st Vice-President, bsv@aok.enrc.com, Ibragimov Almaz Turdumetovich, President, paz@aok.enrc.com, Tverdoklebov Sergey Andreevich, Scientific Research Center, Leading Process Engineer, paz@aok.enrc.com, «Aluminium of Kazakhstan» JSC (Republic of Kazakhstan); Medvedev Viktor Vladimirovich, Chief Engineer, Alumina Production, ALCORUS Co Ltd (Russia), office@alcorus.ru.
Название All-round chemical-dressing technology for processing of rischorrites
Авторы Gorbunova Ye. S., Zakharov V. I., Alishkin А. R.
Информация об авторах Gorbunova Yelena Sergeevna, Head of Department, ph. +7 (495) 411-55-93, North-Western Phosphorous Company (Russia); Zakharov Viktor Ivanovich, Head of Laboratory, Alishkin Albert Rifatovich, Senior Researcher, ph. +7 (81555) 7-93-89, I. V. Tananaev Institute of Chemistry and Technology of Rare Elements and Mineral Raw Materials, The Kola Science Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia).
Название Upon vibration effect on flow of liquid in tray, and associated nonlinear effects
Авторы Blekhman I. I., Blekhman L. I., Vasilkov V. B., Indeytsev D. А., Yakimova K. S.
Информация об авторах Blekhman Ilya Izrailevich, Head of Laboratory, iliya.i.blekhman@gmail.com, Blekhman Leonid Ilich, Leading Researcher, Vasilkov Vladislav Borisovich, Leading Researcher, Yakimova Kira Savvovna, Leading Researcher, yakimova_ks@npk-mt.spb.ru, REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika», Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering RAS (Russia); Indeytsev Dmitriy Anatoliyevich, Director, Institute of Problems of Mechanical Engineering RAS (Russia)
Название Special features of pneumatic mineral dressing methods
Автор Merinov N. F.
Информация об авторе Merinov Nikolay Fedorovich, Associate Professor, ph. +7 (343) 257-91-54, Ural State Mining University (Russia).
Название Pellets strength structural-mechanical model
Автор Khopunov E. А.
Информация об авторе Khopunov Eduard Afanasievich, Doctor of Engineering (Russia), hopunov@mail.ru.
Название A vibrating sizing screen model (wedge wire screen) study
Авторы Bortnikov А. V., Vasilkov V. B., Samukov А. D., Romashev А. О.
Информация об авторах Bortnikov Аnantoliy Viktorovich, Chief Specialist, ph. +7 (812) 331-02-56, Vasilkov Vladislav Borisovich, Senior Researcher, ph. +7 (812) 331-02-54, Samukov Аleksandr Dmitriyevich, Head of Department, samykov_ad@npk-mt.spb.ru, REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (Russia); Romashev Аrtem Оlegovich, Postgraduate, art3m@mail.ru, Saint Petersburg State Mining University (Russia).
Название Laboratory equipment for materials separation by magnetic and electric properties, produced by Research-and-Engineering Corporation «Mekhanobr-tekhnika»
Авторы Stepanyan А. S., Dmitriev S. V., Grigoryev I. V., Mezenin А. О.
Информация об авторах Stepanyan Aleksandr Stepanovich, Deputy General Director, stepanyan_as@npk-mt.spb.ru, Dmitriev Sergey Viktorovich, Leading Engineer, dmitriev_sv@npk-mt.spb.ru, Grigoryev Igor Valentinovich, Chief Designer, grigoryev_iv@npkmt.spb.ru, REC «Mekhanobr-Tekhnika» (Russia); Mezenin Аnton Оlegovich, Postgraduate, anton_mezenin@mail.ru, Saint Petersburg State Mining University (Russia).
Название OAO «Gaisky GOK» Concentrating Plant expansion project realization specifics
Авторы Shenderovich Ye. М., Kuzmin K. B.
Информация об авторах Shenderovich Yevgeniy Mikhaylovich, Executive Director, Kuzmin Kirill Borisovich, Project Director, office@mekhanobr.spb.ru, Mekhanobr Engineering (Russia);
Название Upon the world practice of copper-porphyry ores dressing (review)
Авторы Sataev I. Sh., Baranov V. F.
Информация об авторах Sataev Irik Shagitovich, Candidate of Engineering (Russia), Baranov Viktor Fedotovich, Deputy General Director for Prospective Projects, office@mekhanobr.spb.ru., Mekhanobr Engineering (Russia).
Название The VI Russian Workshop «Minerals processing properties estimation methods and dressing behavior»
Название 75th birthday of V. I. Ryaboy
Название JSC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» Financial Report: 2010
Название JSC «Mekhanobr-Invest» Financial Report: 2010
Название Advertisments
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