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ArticleName Upon the world practice of copper-porphyry ores dressing (review)
ArticleAuthor Sataev I. Sh., Baranov V. F.
ArticleAuthorData Sataev Irik Shagitovich, Candidate of Engineering (Russia), Baranov Viktor Fedotovich, Deputy General Director for Prospective Projects,, Mekhanobr Engineering (Russia).

Processing flow sheets, equipment, reagent dosing regimes and flotation concentration indicators of the world newest copper-molybdenum concentrating plants are considered. It is shown that concentrators' flow sheets are distinguished by simplicity, and regarding equipment implementation, are composed of impeller-type flotation machines of maximum standard size with at least six cells in rougher and scavenger circuits; column flotation machines are widely used in cleaning operations. Wide application of collectors in bulk flotation, that are selective to pyrite, thus promoting lime consumption decrease, is pointed out. Increasing application of press-filtering technology with a view to dewater concentrates, as well as paste thickening and «dry» disposal of tailings, providing, in particular, for higher ecological safety of tailings storage facilities and higher return water utilization ratio, are noted.

keywords Sulfide copper ores, flotation, regrinding, paste thickening, «dry» disposal of tailings.

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