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ArticleName Pellets strength structural-mechanical model
ArticleAuthor Khopunov E. А.
ArticleAuthorData Khopunov Eduard Afanasievich, Doctor of Engineering (Russia),

The results of studies are presented, that permitted to describe quantitative relation between pellets strength and their macrostructure parameters as fracturing parameter, and show that strength dependence on fracturing differs with respect to different temperature ranges of sintering. It was established, that nature of these differences is caused by inhomogeneity of microstructure. Relation between pellets fracturing and microstructure parameters, as the main factor impacting strength, was revealed and quantitatively described, specifically with respect to different structural elements in pellets multizonal macrostructure. Pellets microstructure parameters relations to temperature and time characteristics of sintering are expressed in quantitative terms. The obtained results, in combination with the described automatic installation, may serve as a basis for development of pellets quality run-time operational control system.

keywords Agglomeration, sintering, pellets, strength, structure, fracturing, quantitative microstructural characteristics, multizonality, structure element.

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