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Obogashchenie Rud

ArticleName Processing results for gold-bearing ore of the North-Western block of the Kyzylalmasai ore field
ArticleAuthors Samadov A. U., Khamidullaev B. N., Almatov I. M., Normurodov A. A.

Almalyk Branch of Tashkent State Technical University (Almalyk, Uzbekistan):

Samadov A. U., Director, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor,


Institute of Mineral Resources (Tashkent, Uzbekistan):

Khamidullaev B. N., Head of the Center, PhD in Engineering Sciences,
Almatov I. M., Senior Researcher, PhD in Engineering Sciences,
Normurodov A. A., Junior Researcher,

ArticleName New slime depressant for potash ore flotation
ArticleAuthors Konobeevskikh A. V., Titkov S. N., Aliferova S. N., Teleshev D. K.

VNII Galurgii JSC (Saint Petersburg, Russia):

Konobeevskikh A. V., Head of Laboratory,
Titkov S. N., Director of Technological Research Section, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Teleshev D. K., Senior Researcher,


PJSC Uralkali (Berezniki, Russia):

Aliferova S. N., Deputy Technical Director, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,

ArticleName Prospects for improving copper ore flotation performance using a modified reagent
ArticleAuthors Semushkina L. V., Abdykirova G. Zh., Turysbekov D. K., Narbekova S. М.

JSC Institute of Metallurgy and Ore Bebefication, Satbayev University (Almaty, Kazakhstan):

Semushkina L. V., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Abdykirova G. Zh., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Turysbekov D. K., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Narbekova S. М., Researcher,

ArticleName Quartz concentrates based on quartzites of the East Sayan Urengenur block
ArticleAuthors Zhaboedov A. P., Nepomnyashchikh A. I., Eliseev I. A., Fedorov A. M.

A. P. Vinogradov Institute of Geochemistry SB RAS (Irkutsk, Russia):
Zhaboedov A. P., Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Nepomnyashchikh A. I., Chief Researcher, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences,
Eliseev I. A., Senior Researcher, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences,
Fedorov A. M., Head of the Experimental Section, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,

ArticleName Material composition of talc-magnesite rocks of the Zinelbulak deposit in Uzbekistan
ArticleAuthors Umirov F. E., Shodikulov Zh. M., Aslonov A. B., Sharipov S. Sh.

Navoi State University of Mines and Technologies (Navoi, Republic of Uzbekistan):

Umirov F. E., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Shodikulov J. M., Doctoral Student,
Aslonov A. B., Doctoral Student,
Sharipov S. Sh., Associate Professor, PhD in Technical Sciences,

ArticleName On stronger particle adhesion to a bubble in a pulsating liquid flow
ArticleAuthor Blekhman L. I.

Institute for Problems in Mechanical Engineering of RAS (Saint Petersburg, Russia):

Blekhman L. I., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,

ArticleName Activation of antimony minerals by copper and lead cations during flotation
ArticleAuthor Solozhenkin P. M.

Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources RAS (Moscow, Russia):

Solozhenkin P. M., Chief Researcher, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor,

ArticleName Study of the effects of steel and polymer pipe roughness on the pressure loss in tailings slurry hydrotransport
ArticleAuthors Serzhan S. L., Skrebnev V. I., Malevanny D. V.

Saint Petersburg Mining University (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Serzhan S. L., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Malevannyi D. V., Postgraduate Student.

POLYPLASTIC Group (Moscow, Russia):

Skrebnev V. I., Leading Technologist

ArticleName Development of technologies for the manufacture of crushed stone in the period of restoration and reforming of the Soviet economy (1945–50s)
ArticleAuthors Kameneva E. E., Kamenev E. V.

Petrozavodsk State University (Petrozavodsk, Russia):

Kameneva E. E., Head of Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
Kamenev E. V., Associate Professor, Candidate of Historical Sciences,

Journals →  Obogashchenie Rud →  2023 →  #4