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As is known, one of the mosteffective ways to increase flotation results is development and application of new selective reagents. This line of research isdiscussed in several papers of the current issue of the magazine.

By means of including a regrinding operation and additional application of apolar reagent, based on oil anddiesel fuel, in the Shalkiya deposit (Kazakhstan)finely disseminated ore processing flow sheet, recoveries of lead and zinc in respective concentrates were increased, and concentrates’ grades were also improved (the paper by L. V. Semushkina, et al.).

Application of the new “PS” reagent in the Sayakskoye deposit (Kazakhstan)copper ore flotation permitted to increase copper recovery into concentrate by 0.87 %, and concentrate grade – by 0.4 %, if compared with the results, achieved with application of a conventional flotation reagent – butyl xanthate (the paper by N. K. Omarova, R. T. Sherembaeva, et al.).

The studies performed by V. I. Ryaboy, et alias, established the effect ofsurface activity atliquid-gas interface and hydrophobizationability of dialkyldithiophosphates class reagents-collectors upon their flotation activity. It is shown, that maximum recovery of sulfides is achieved with high hydrophobizationability and surface activity of reagents, and selectivity – with low hydrophobizationability and high or low surface activity, depending on the type of mineral selection.

With regard to otherlines of research, presented in the current issue of the magazine, application of gravity technologies for beneficiation of the noble-metals-bearing ores from the deposits of theRussian North East may be noted (the paper by N. K. Algebraistova, et al.). The results of different gravity concentration apparatuses comparative testing, including centrifugal jigging machine “Kelsey”, are of interest, particularly, that theliterature reports on its operation arecontradictory.

Prospects of an integrated approach to the Zabaikalsky MCC Zavitinskoyedeposit dumps utilization are revealed owing to the results of their geological-technological survey, performed with a view to determine practical ways for production of lithium from the man-caused wastes, to satisfy the needs of electronic, electrotechnics andnuclear power industry(the paper by Yu. V. Azarova, et al.).

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ArticleName Development of stage gravity flowsheet for recovery of noble metals
ArticleAuthors Algebraistova N. K., Makshanin A. V., Burdakova E. A., Samorodskiy P. N., Markova A. S.

Siberian Federal University (Russia):

Algebraistova N. K., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Professor,

Burdakova E. A., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Senior Lecturer,

Samorodskiy P. N., Ph. D. in Geology and Mineralogy, Associate Professor,
Markova A. S., Postgraduate,


SibKrasProekt Ltd. (Russia):

Makshanin A. V., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Engineer of the First Category,

ArticleName The Shalkiya deposit finely disseminated lead-zinc ore processing technology improvement
ArticleAuthors Semushkina L. V., Turysbekov D. K., Tusupbaev N. K., Bekturganov N. S., Мukhanova А. А.

Center of Earth Sciences, Metallurgy and Ore Benefication JSC (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Semushkina L. V., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Leading Researcher,

Turysbekov D. K., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Senior Researcher,

Tusupbaev N. K., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Head of Laboratory,

Bekturganov N. S., Academician of National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Scientific Consultant of Joint Stock Company,

Мukhanova А. А., Researcher

ArticleName Sulfide copper ore flotation with «РS» reagent
ArticleAuthors Omarova N. K., Sherembaeva R. T.

Karaganda State Technical University (Republic of Kazakhstan):

Omarova N. K., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor,

Sherembaeva R. T., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Senior Lecturer,

ArticleName Effect of surface-active properties of reagents with sodium dialkyldithiophosphates upon flotation of sulfides
ArticleAuthors Ryaboy V. I., Shepeta E. D., Kretov V. P., Levkovets S. E., Ryaboy I. V.

Mekhanobr-Orgsintez-Reagent Ltd. (Russia):

Ryaboy V. I., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, General Director,


Mining Institute of the Far Eastern Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Russia):

Shepeta E. D., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Senior Researcher


Mekhanobr-Orgsintez-Reagent Ltd. (Russia):

Ryaboy I. V., General Director


Kvadrat-plyus CJSC (Russia):

Levkovets S. E., Deputy General Director

Kretov V. P., General Director

ArticleName Improvement of iron ore concentrates pelletizing ability characteristics determination method
ArticleAuthors Yuryev B. P., Goltsev V. A.

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin (Russia):

Yuryev B. P., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, yurev–

Goltsev V. A., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor,

ArticleName Changes in rock structure with cyclic freezing and thawing
ArticleAuthors Vaisberg L. A., Kameneva E. E.

REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» (Russia):

Vaisberg L. A., Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Scientific Advisor of the Company


Petrozavodsk State University (Russia):

Kameneva E. E., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, Head of Laboratory,

ArticleName Structure and properties of metallic hydrogen
ArticleAuthor Zuev V. V.

Mekhanobr Engineering JSC (Russia):

Zuev V. V., Doctor of Geology and Mineralogy, Leading Researcher,

ArticleName Thin-layer thickener efficiency estimation method
ArticleAuthor Bauman A. V.

Gormashexport CJSC (Russia):

Bauman A. V., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Deputy General Director,

ArticleName The Zavitinskoye lithium-beryllium deposit dumps as raw material for lithium production
ArticleAuthors Azarova Yu. V., Kazantsev V. V., Koltsov V. Yu., Sarychev G. A., Tananaev I. G.

VNIIHT (Russia):

Azarova Yu. V., Ph. D. in Geology and Mineralogy, Senior Researcher

Kazantsev V. V., Ph. D. in Geology and Mineralogy, Head of Laboratory

Koltsov V. Yu., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Head of Department

E-mail (common):


National Research Nuclear University MEPhI (Moscow Engineering Physics Institute) (Russia):

Sarychev G. A., Doctor of Physics and Mathematics, Professor, Head of Chair
Tananaev I. G., Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Professor

E-mail (common):

ArticleName Production of magnetic fluids from industrial wastes
ArticleAuthors Kachurin N. M., Kalaeva S. Z., Vorobyev S. A.

Tula State University (Russia):

Kachurin N. M., Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor, Head of Chair,


Yaroslavl State Technical University (Russia):

Kalaeva S. Z., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor,


Belgorod National Research University (Russia):

Vorobyev S. A., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Researcher

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