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ArticleName Improvement of iron ore concentrates pelletizing ability characteristics determination method
DOI 10.17580/or.2015.02.05
ArticleAuthor Yuryev B. P., Goltsev V. A.

Ural Federal University named after the first President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin (Russia):

Yuryev B. P., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor, yurev–

Goltsev V. A., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor,


Experimental estimate of iron ore concentrates pelletizing ability characteristics determination precision by the existing method was performed, and the ways to improve the method in question were suggested by the examples of Lisakovsky and commercial Kachkanarsky concentrates. In order to find systematic error value, experiments were conducted to determine moisture capacity of loosely filled in (without compaction) Kachkanarsky MCC concentrate. The experimental modifications involved application of columns, differing in design. Influence of the employed method and conditions of determination upon pelletizing ability characteristics precision and systematic error value was shown. It was established, that moisture capacity of material following saturation in special columns (without bottom) significantly increases with respect to height, due to a certain uncontrollable difference in upper and lower layer compaction degree in a column. Such non-uniformity must lead to decrease in effective value of saturation rate coefficient and increase in material average moisture capacity in experiments with minimal compaction. Moisture absorption curve was obtained as a function of time. A series of experiments in Kachkanarsky concentrate saturation in special columns was performed. Recommendations were given with respect to decreasing error in determination of main pelletizing ability characteristics. A method of pelletizing ability characteristics determination using columns with gauze bottoms was recognized to be a preferred option.

keywords Method, pelletizing ability characteristics, iron ore concentrates, columns, conditions of determination, error, estimate, precision

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