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ArticleName Thin-layer thickener efficiency estimation method
DOI 10.17580/or.2015.02.08
ArticleAuthor Bauman A. V.

Gormashexport CJSC (Russia):

Bauman A. V., Ph. D. in Engineering Sciences, Deputy General Director,


Thickening and clarification of suspensions in thin-layer thickeners is a relatively new process in chemical technology and mineral processing. In recent years, the interest of technologists and metallurgists to suspensions separation in thin layer is again on the increase, and works are conducted in this trend both in Russia and abroad by various research organizations. However, neither generally accepted methods for calculation of this type settlers, nor recommendations for their design, are available. Thin-layer settlers operation practice shows that apparatuses of this type may become a real alternative to radial thickeners under certain conditions. How to choose a required apparatus, and what may be the choice criteria for this type of equipment in design of new and upgrade of existing ore-dressing facilities? The paper aims at presentation of a methodology for rapid estimation of constructability and processability indexes of thin-layer thickeners in design of thickening and return water circuits. Processing and system design criteria are given for estimation and calculation of thin-layer thickeners, and the factors determining their operability under specific working conditions are described. On the basis of statistical analysis of this type of apparatuses’ performance parameters, limits to applicability of thin-layer thickening processes are determined with respect to operating conditions of processing plants.

keywords Thickening, clarification, slime, thin-layer thickener, rack thickener, settling of particles in thin layer, calculation of thickener

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