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Chernye Metally

Название Steel industry of the world
What are the metallurgists discussing?
Название Conferences and fairs
Development of metallurgy in Russia and other CIS countries
Название Managing the primary structure of chromium iron
Авторы E. Rozhkova, A. Orekhova, V. Belov, T. Bazlova
Название Varying of iron heredity using fullerene-base modifier
Авторы S. Matveev, A. Orekhova, E. Chereshneva.
Название On necessity of restoration of foundry production in machine-tool building industry according to the resolution of RF Government “On development of machine-tool building until 2015”
Автор S. Tkachenko
Название Rusbuild-2010 project
Название St. Petersburg technical fair
Название 3rd International conference “Metallurgy-Intecheco-2010”
Ironmaking and steelmaking
Название Actual state of smelting-reduction processes in iron-making
Автор W. L. Kepplinger
Название Developments in flat strip production
Авторы Sh. Sheikhi, A. Angerbauer, C.-D. Wuppermann
Название Vacuum lifting beams reduce handling times in the plate rolling mill
Авторы O. Ehrich, M. Lubas.
Power engineering and environment protection
Название Energy efficiency and decrease of CO2 by oxyfuel combustion
Авторы H. Pfeifer, W. Högner, P. Fredriksson, J. von Scheele, R. Paul.
Control and measuring equipment
Название Measuring and control equipment for iron and steel industry
Авторы H. Peters, J. Brandenburger, G. Coen, Ch. Dannert, F. Gorgels, H. Köchner, S. Krannich, G. Mücke, U. Müller, D. Oberhoff, B. Schmidt, W. Woeste.
Название Express analysis of steel samples using laser electrometry
Авторы R. Noll, V. Sturm, J. Makowe.
Название Magnetic induction measuring method: quality insurance for tinplate
Авторы K. Hermann, A. Jordan.
Название Contactless 3D measuring of dynamic processes using high-speed cameras
Автор B.-M. Wolf.
Economics and finances
Название Global demand on advanced technology
Автор K. Gottwald.
Steel production in the world
Название Steel production in the world
Scientific and technical news abroad
Название Scientific and technical news abroad
Metallurgical history
Название Ruhr regional culture in the works of the chronicler of mining and metallurgical industry
Автор E. Pasche.
Журналы →  Chernye Metally →  2010 →  №1