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Power engineering and environment protection
ArticleName Energy efficiency and decrease of CO2 by oxyfuel combustion
ArticleAuthor H. Pfeifer, W. Högner, P. Fredriksson, J. von Scheele, R. Paul.
The use of oxygen technologies within the steel industry has become increasingly important. During the last decades increased throughput capacity and lowered average cost have been the driving forces, however, today the positive impact on energy savings and reduced emissions have come into the focal point, a fact that seems to be even further pronounced in the future. The article describes how the oxygen technologies can contribute to an increased energy efficiency in the electric arc furnace process, how flameless oxygen combustion reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emission in melting and heating operations, and how low calorific gases, for example blast furnace top gas and converter gas, can be effectively used to further improve the overall energy efficiency, reduce CO2 emission, and reduce costs.
keywords Carbon dioxide, oxyfuel combustion, energy saving, energy efficiency, electric arc furnaces, melting, heating, blast furnace gases, converter gases
Language of full-text russian
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