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Control and measuring equipment
ArticleName Express analysis of steel samples using laser electrometry
ArticleAuthor R. Noll, V. Sturm, J. Makowe.
Fabrication of high-quality steel products includes a row of technological stages where preset properties of material are obtained via conducted physical and chemical processes. Among the most important parameters the following can be mentioned: presence of segregation, inclusions and deoxidation. Reveal of these parameters should be done as soon as possible. Segregation and inclusions lead often to the problem when strip thickness or wire rod diameter can't be decreased less than some ultimate amount. Deoxidation occurs in the process of crystal growth during continuous casting of steel and has effect on steel properties. Carbon losses in steel take place near the surface owing to conducted reactions with oxygen and water containing in the air.
keywords Express analysis, laser spectrometry, steel samples, deoxidation, inclusioms, segregation, strip, crystal growth, wire rod, continuous casting
Language of full-text russian
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