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Chernye Metally


The eighth issue of the «Chernye Metally» journal for 2018 represents its traditional sections, and the articles selection devoted to the 95th anniversary of the Metal Forming chair of the Ural Federal University (UrFU) opens it.


The chair`s specialists in their works proposed a method for physical modeling of the metal destruction process during piercing through alternating torsion of samples, as well as a new technology for fuel pipes manufacturing. The UrFU authors established at a qualitative level that pipe rolling should be conducted in such a way that the decrease or absence of the pipe material hardening effect took place during the deformation process; studied the influence of properties anisotropy on the stress-strain state when electrical steel strip rolling; solved the task of the tube sink drawing using the finite element modeling for three different material models: rigid-plastic with softening, ideal-plastic and rigid-plastic with strengthening.


Specialists of the Lipetsk University in the “Rolling and other metal forming processes” section presented a method to correct the roll gap skew based on the results of temperature measurement of the slab edge in front of a first stand of a hot rolling mill rough group. The authors from Siberian State Industrial University and EVRAZ-ZSMK presented data on the optimal ranges for changes in the vertical and horizontal reductions of the rail profile head to be formed, enabling to obtain the required external radii of the mating surfaces. An overview on the usage of lubricant during strip hot rolling on the example of foreign companies is also presented in the section.


The results of studies of the microstructure and mechanical properties upon tensile of cellular structures, such as VST, of various configurations are presented in the publication of the “Additive Technologies” section.


The “From the History of Metallurgy” section published a mater on the history of the Sestroretsk Arms Plant in the 18th century which was founded by Peter I in 1720 near St. Petersburg on the coast of the Gulf of Finland.


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95th anniversary of the Metal forming chair of the Ural federal university
Название Physical simulation method of the fracture process during helical rolling of the billet
Авторы +A. A. Bogatov, D. Sh. Nukhov, O. A. Panasenko, A. O. Tolkushkin
Информация об авторах

Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia):

+A. A. Bogatov, Dr. Eng., Prof., Chief researcher
D. Sh. Nukhov, Cand. Eng., Researcher, e-mail: d.s.nukhov@urfu.ru
A. O. Tolkushkin, Research engineer


Seversky Pipe Plant (Polevskoy, Russia):
O. A. Panasenko, Head of the SRC tube-rolling laboratory

Название Pipes for high-pressure fuel lines of diesel engines
Авторы An. V. Serebryakov, V. A. Morgunov, Al. V. Serebryakov, S. I. Parshakov
Информация об авторах

Pervouralsk New Tube (Novotrubny) Works (Pervouralsk, Russia):

An. V. Serebryakov, Cand. Eng., E-mail: andrey.serebryakov@chelpipe.ru
V. A. Morgunov, E-mail: Vasiliy.Morgunov@chelpipe.ru


Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia):
Al. V. Serebryakov, Cand. Eng., E-mail: a.v.serebriakov@urfu.ru
S. I. Parshakov, E-mail: s.i.parshakov@urfu.ru

Название Investigation of the influence of material properties on the inhomogeneity of deformation during lengthwise rolling of tubes on a stub mandrel
Авторы D. A. Pavlov, M. V. Erpalov, G. V. Shimov, E. A. Pavlova
Информация об авторах

 Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia):

D. A. Pavlov, Cand. Eng, E-mail: d.a.pavlov@urfu.ru
M. V. Erpalov, Cand. Eng, E-mail: m.v.erpalov@urfu.ru
G. V. Shimov, Cand. Eng, E-mail: g.v.shimov@urfu.ru
E. A. Pavlova, Post-graduate student, E-mail: pavlovda1989@mail.ru

Название Influence of properties anisotropy on stress-deformed state at rolling of stripes from electrical steel
Авторы Yu. N. Loginov, M. P. Puzanov
Информация об авторах

Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia):

Yu. N. Loginov, Dr. Eng., Prof, e-mail: j.n.loginov@urfu.ru
M. P. Puzanov, Post-graduate student

Название Effect of the material model on the stress-strain state in the deformation zone during pipe drawing
Авторы G. V. Shimov, M. V. Erpalov, D. A. Pavlov
Информация об авторах

 Ural Federal University (Ekaterinburg, Russia):

G. V. Shimov, Cand. Eng., g.v.shimov@urfu.ru
M. V. Erpalov, Cand. Eng., m.v.erpalov@urfu.ru
D. A. Pavlov, Cand. Eng., d.a.pavlov@urfu.ru

Rolling and Metal forming
Название Regulation of hot strip’s chamber in a roughing mill
Авторы S. M. Belskiy, A. O. Stoyakin
Информация об авторах

Lipetsk State Technical University (Lipetsk, Russia):

S. M. Belskiy, Dr. Eng., Prof, e-mail: Belsky-55@yandex.ru
A. O. Stoyakin, Post-graduate student

Название Development and improvement of modes of rolling of asymmetric rail profiles on the modern universal rolling mill
Авторы A. A. Umanskiy, V. V. Dorofeev, A. V. Golovatenko, A. V. Dobryanskiy
Информация об авторах

Siberian State Industrial University (Novokuznetsk, Russia):

A. A. Umanskiy, Cand. Eng., Ass. Prof., Chair of Iron and Steel Metallurgy, Director of the Center of collective usage “Material science”, e-mail: umanskii@bk.ru


EVRAZ United West Siberian Iron and Steel Works (Novokuznetsk, Russia):
V. V. Dorofeev, Chief pass design specialist, e-mail: Vladimir.Dorofeev@evraz.com
A. V. Golovatenko, Head of Rail Production, e-mail: Aleksey.Golovatenko@evraz.com
A. V. Dobryanskiy, Chief pass design specialist of the rail and beam shop, e-mail: Andrey.Dobryanskij@evraz.com

Название Investigation of the possibility and feasibility of using lubricant during hot rolling of steel strips (according to foreign sources)
Автор B. N. Matveev
Информация об авторе

All-Russian Institute of Scientific and Technical Information of the RAS (Moscow, Russia):

B. N. Matveev, Dr. Eng., e-mail: bnmatveev@gmail.com

Название New standards in the production of long rolled steel
Автор J. Graefe
Информация об авторе

Schmolz + Bickenbach Gruppe (Emmensbrücke, Switzerland):

J. Graefe, Dr. Eng., Vice President, Technical Development and Program Office, e-mail: j.graefe@schmolz-bickenbach.com

Steel as a material
Название Mobile devices in the future will use steel
Автор H. Adam
Информация об авторе

Tata Steel Europe (London, UK):

H. Adam, Commercial Officer and Member of the Executive Committee, e-mail: connect.automotive@tatasteel.com

Название Steel provides lightweight construction for pickup automobiles
Авторы T. Wormald, N. Schneider, E. Gibeau
Информация об авторах

ArcelorMittal Global R&D (Hamilton, Canada):

T. Wormald


ArcelorMittal Global R&D (Montataire, France):
N. Schneider, Mag. Eng
E. Gibeau

E-mail (common): redaktion@stahleisen.de

Additive technologies
Название Study of mechanical properties of cellular structures from 03Kh16N15M3 stainless steel depending on parameters of an elementary cell
Авторы A. Ya. Travyanov, A. V. Dub, P. V. Petrovskiy, V. V. Cheverikin
Информация об авторах

National University of Science and Technology “MISiS” (Moscow, Russia):

A. Ya. Travyanov, Cand. Eng., Director of the Institute of Ecological Technologies and Engineering (EcoTech), E-mail: trav@misis.ru
P. V. Petrovskiy, Cand. Eng., Deputy director of EcoTech
V. V. Cheverikin, Cand. Eng., Senior Researcher


“Science and innovations” JSC (Moscow, Russia):
A. V. Dub, Dr. Eng., 1st Deputy General Director

Engineering technologies
Название Manufacturing of workpieces for cylindrical gear wheels with a toothing rim formed by plastic deformation
Авторы E. N. Valikov, V. A. Belyakova, O. I. Boriskin
Информация об авторах

Tula State University (Tula, Russia):

E. N. Valikov, Dr. Eng., e-mail: valikoven@rambler.ru
V. A. Belyakova, Cand. Eng., e-mail: valentina.belyakova5@yandex.ru
O. I. Boriskin, Dr. Eng., Prof., Head of the Chair of Instrumental and Metrological Systems, Director of Polytechnic Institute

Our anniversaries
Название 100th anniversary of I. P. Kazanets
Название 85th anniversary of V. Ya. Dashevskiy
Metallurgical history
Название Sestroretskiy gun factory in the XVIII century
Автор E. S. Tarakanova
Информация об авторе

Saint Petersburg, Russia:

E. S. Tarakanova, Independent Researcher, e-mail: tarakanova1@yandex.ru

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