PMB Silicon commissions SMS group to supply two submerged arc furnaces for the production of silicon

28.02.2018, 14:44

PMB Silicon Sdn. Bhd., based in Sarawak, Malaysia, has contracted SMS group to supply two SAF (Submerged Arc Furnace) for the production of silicon. The planned production capacity is 32,000 tons of silicon per year. Commissioning is scheduled for autumn 2018.


SMS group's scope of supply includes the basic and detail engineering as well as the equipment for the 24-MW submerged arc furnaces, which essentially comprises two furnace-rotating gear units, the furnace vessels, gas hoods, the installation of a power supply and mains voltage compensation system, and the supervision of erection and commissioning.


A special feature is the rotating furnace vessels, which prevent carbide precipitation in the furnace mix.


With this plant PMB Silicon is securing its in-house silicon production. Silicon produced in this way is used as a main alloying element for the production of aluminum alloys in Press Metal Berhard plants.



Poh Ming Koon, CEO of PMB Technology Berhad (center, standing), his team, and the SMS group team get together for the kick-off meeting.

Based on SMS group information