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ArticleName Smelting of high-carbon ferrochromium from pre-reduced chromite raw materials
DOI 10.17580/cisisr.2024.01.03
ArticleAuthor E. Zh. Shabanov, Zh. K. Saulebek, A. S. Akhmetov, G. K. Mukhtarkhanova

Zh. Abishev Chemical and Metallurgical Institute (Karaganda, Kazakhstan)

E. Zh. Shabanov, PhD, Associate Professor, Leading Researcher, Laboratory of Ferroalloys and Reduction Processes, e-mail:
Zh. K. Saulebek, Master Eng., Junior Researcher, Laboratory of Ferroalloys and Reduction Processes, e-mail:
A. S. Akhmetov, PhD, Senior Researcher, Laboratory of Ferroalloys and Reduction Processes, e-mail:


Research Center “INNTECH” LLP (Karaganda, Kazakhstan)
G. K. Mukhtarkhanova, Head of the Laboratory, e-mail:


The article presents the results of smelting of high-carbon ferrochromium (HCFeCr) from pre-reduced chromite raw materials. Experimental melts of three batches of pre-reduced chromite raw material with varying degrees of chromium metallization were conducted using a 0.2 MVA furnace at the Zh. Abishev Chemical-Metallurgical Institute in Karaganda. To assess the technical-economic indicators of remelting of pre-reduced chromite raw materials in industrial DC furnaces, a batch of basic charge for HCFeCr smelting, containing chromite ore, coke breeze and quartz flux, was separately smelted. The study determined the relationship between specific energy consumption for HCFeCr production and content of metallized chromium in the experimental furnace, ranging from 15.37 % to 22.28 %. The assessment results indicate possibility of halving the specific energy consumption to 3.4 MW·h per ton of chromium, when content of metallized chromium in pre-reduced product is 22.28 %.

The research was carried out under financial support of the Committee of science of the Ministry of education and science of Kazakhstan Republic (Grant No. AP14871610).

keywords Smelting, metallization, ferroalloy, chromite ore, coke breeze, high-carbon ferrochromium, ore smelting furnace

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