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Steelmaking and Continuous casting
ArticleName Low-cost technological methods aimed at improving steel production technology in order to reduce costs and improve the quality of metal products
DOI 10.17580/chm.2024.04.01
ArticleAuthor I. V. Chumanov

South Ural State University, Chelyabinsk, Russia

I. V. Chumanov, Dr. Eng., Prof., Head of the Dept. of Engineering and Materials Production Technology, e-mail:


Today, as well as before, steel quality issues are quite acute for metallurgists. In many respects they are determined by the used metallurgical equipment and the technology based on it. At the same time, not always metallurgical and machine-building enterprises have a sufficient (complete) “bank” of equipment (furnaces, ladle technologies, casting capacities, vacuum stations, etc.) corresponding to certain tasks, and, accordingly, there is a limited number of applied technologies. This article presents low-cost, but at the same time effective technological solutions aimed at improving the quality of products in steel making, allowing to build productive technological chains. Thus, the most widespread when working with metal in the ladle is such a technological method as blowing metal with inert gas. Knowing the mechanism of removal of non-metallic inclusions during purging, it is possible to increase the efficiency of this process, replacing the creation of local zones of reduced pressure to the front across the entire cross-section of liquid metal. Metal purging with inert gas is not the only possibility, from simple technological methods to provide the conditions necessary for metal refining in the ladle. This process is very well realized with the use of ceramic disk. Very important in steelmaking is the final operation - obtaining ingot or billet. The issue of obtaining ingots of large mass is particularly acute. Reduction of disadvantages typical for such ingots is possible with the organization of casting, excluding oxidation of metal and reducing the time for its solidification, feeding into the liner along the inner wall, with constant renewal of the surface of the liner in contact with the jet. A good surface of the ingot when pouring from above is also provided by using a reflective screen. These tasks can be sufficiently solved by realization of a new type of CCM or UPNRS. The most promising among remelting processes is EAF. Electrodes for this process should be produced in special ceramic liners with the possibility of immediate welding of the inventory head. The technology of production of consumable electrodes for EAF, including up to 50% of the total mass of the consumable electrode of metalized pellets, is presented in detail. Production of such electrodes is possible with the use of special liners. Also solutions on prediction of optimal parameters of EAF for production of metal products of high quality with higher productivity and lower energy consumption are presented.
The work was supported by the Russian Science Foundation grant No. 22-29-20049,

keywords Blowing, non-metallic inclusions, out-of-furnace treatment, ladle, steel casting, liner, crystallization, ingot, rotation, metallized pellets, electroslag remelting, vacuum-arc remelting, corona

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