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ArticleName Experimental research of shaped charges with electrohydraulic effect with a view to improving blasting safety and efficiency
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2022.08.04
ArticleAuthor Umarov F. Ya., Nasirov U. F., Nutfulloev G. S., Gaibnazarov B. A.

NUST MISIS’ Branch in Almalyk, Almalyk, Uzbekistan:

F. Ya. Umarov, Director, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
U. F. Nasirov, Deputy Director for Science and Innovation, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences
G. S. Nutfulloev, Head of Department, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


Almalyk Branch of the Karimov Tashkent State Technical University, Almalyk, Uzbekistan:
B. A. Gaibnazarov, Senior Lecturer


Ore mining in hard rocks generally includes drilling and blasting. Blasting technologies belong to the most hazardous industrial processes. One of the ways of increasing efficiency of mining is improvement of blasting technologies toward enhancing the rates and efficiency of growth in the mining industry at the reduced risk of injuries. The present-day stage of drilling and blasting in underground mining features the use of high-capacity drilling equipment and tools, introduction of novel drilling and blasting design and implementation methods and technologies, creation of effective mechanisms for application of innovations, and wide-scale adoption of energy- and resource-saving technologies. Higher safety of drilling and blasting ensues from upgrading of drilling equipment, firing devices, explosives and charge designs. The composition of an explosive and the design of a charge have an essential influence on the volume and composition of a gas-and-dust cloud induced in blasting, and on the range of dispersion of broken rock fragments. In this regard, shaped charges have demonstrated their efficiency but their wide introduction needs further studies into specification of the process parameters. This article focuses on the method of experimental research into the shaped charge effect using a science-based electrohydraulic laboratory model. The shaped charges have proved their exploitability. The mathematical formulation of the problem on the blast wave propagation in enclosing rock mass of structurally complex mineral deposits is discussed. The hydrodynamic theory of the shaped charge effect is substantiated and the process parameters are determined.

keywords Safety, blast wave propagation, detonation products, explosion effect investigation, physical modeling, similarity theory, electric impulse charge, laboratory model, electrohydraulic impact

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