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Energy and Ecology
ArticleName Fuel and energy balance of electrometallurgical mini-complex
DOI 10.17580/chm.2022.04.09
ArticleAuthor I. A. Sultanguzin, P. A. Shomov, A. V. Egorov, I. V. Evseenko, Yu. V. Yavorovsky

National Research University “Moscow Power Engineering Institute”, Moscow, Russia:

I. A. Sultanguzin, Dr. Eng., Professor, Dept. of Industrial Heat and Power Systems

Yu. V. Yavorovsky, Cand. Eng., Head of the Dept. of Industrial Heat and Power Systems


STC "Industrial Energy" Ltd., Ivanovo, Russia:
P. A. Shomov, Cand. Eng., Director, e-mail:


National University of Science and Technology “MISIS”, Moscow, Russia:
A. V. Egorov, Cand. Eng., Associate Professor, Dept. of Metallurgy of Steel and Ferroalloys


Gazprom VNIIGAZ, Moscow, Russia:
I. V. Evseenko, Cand. Eng., Leading Researcher, Laboratory of Energy Saving and Efficiency


Methodological approaches for building the fuel and energy balance of an electrometallurgical plant based on modern and proven technologies implemented in furnaces of the Consteel type mini-complex are presented. The mini-complex is considered systematically, i.e., technological, energy, environmental and financial aspects are reflected in the production of rolled products from ferrous scrap. The features of the work of each process section are considered, technological and energy characteristics, operating conditions of a single element of the energy-technological system and the electrometallurgical mini-complex as a whole are given. Material and energy balances have been built. An environmental impact assessment is given. A comparative financial analysis of an integrated iron-and-steel works and an electrometallurgical mini-complex is given. The prospects for improving the considered energy-technological system based on the introduction of hydrogen technologies are shown.

keywords Electrometallurgical mini-complex, Consteel electric arc furnace, ladle-furnace unit, continuous casting machine, section rolling mill, electric power, natural gas, oxygen, integrated iron-and-steel works, energy balance, material balance, metallurgical plant, ecology

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