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ArticleName Some aspects of intellectual property operations at mining companies
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2021.07.03
ArticleAuthor Vyunnik A. V., Zyryanov I. V., Safyannikova T. B.

Yakutniproalmaz Institute, ALROSA, Mirny, Russia:

A. V. Vyunnik, Senior Researcher
T. B. Safyannikova, Head of laboratory

Mirny Polytechnic Institute (Division), Ammosov North-Eastern Federal University, Mirny, Russia:

I. V. Zyryanov, Head of Department, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,


Intellectual property acquires increasingly higher significance in the science and economy sectors in these days. The mining industry is not an exception in this regard. The intellectual property bulls in the mining industry as a tool of stimulation of innovation activities and competitiveness of a company, as well as a strategic resource and the critical factor of development. Intellectual property is the result of intellectual functioning and the equivalents of individualization of legal bodies, commodities, works, services and plants subjected to legal protection. This article identifies the major relevant problems in creation and use of intellectual functioning results at mines. The patent research as the informative and analytical support of managerial decision-making is discussed. The expert and balanced use of intellectual functioning results promotes: the increase of income and, consequently, cost of business owing to intangible assets; the business security from unfair competition impacts; the advanced areas to be held in science, technology and production via legal protection of novel engineering solutions (legal monopoly); the enhanced competitive ability of a company; the image-building of a high-tech industrial undertaking attractive for investment.

keywords Mining company, intellectual functioning results, patent research, trademark, production diversification, innovative technologies, intangible assets

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