The most part of publications in the editions of “Ore and Metals” publishing house is devoted to actual scientific-technical, manufacturing-technological and social-economical problems of operation at the national and also foreign iron and steel industry. The main attention is paid to up-to-date state and development prospects of the enterprises and companies, to analysis of their problems and achievements.

At the same time, the serious part of publications, especially during recent years, elucidate historical problems of mining-metallurgical equipment and technologies (closely connected with general history of different countries), National and international cultural-technical heritage related somehow with mining and processing of ores and metals. We consider this direction of our activity as necessary and important, because the history of development of mining matter and metallurgy in Russia and other countries has many famous pages that we need to know and remember.

The special joint issue of “Gorny zhurnal”, “Tsvetnye metally” and “Chernye metally” published in the end of 2004 has been devoted to collections of precious stones and different metals as well as artifacts and applied art pieces from these stones and metals in the expositions of the State Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg; it was one of the first our serious publications in this historic field. We tried to tell about mining matter and metallurgy using the art glasses, and we have succeeded in it, based on multiple responses from our readers - not only miners and metallurgists, but also fine arts and museum specialists.

In the beginning 2007 we have prepared the second similar issue, devoted to the State Hermitage collections in Ural region, also connected with mining matter and metallurgy. And in the end on 2008 the third journal from “Hermitage” series has been published; it observed the Chinese collections of this museum, about the masterpieces from nephrite, bronze, gold, porcelain and ceramics. By the way, several materials were published for the first time in the open editions. The 4th issue devoted to Caucasus region is just in work.

In 2008 “Ore and Metals” publishing house has made also two special issues devoted to collections of the State Historic museum and State Polytechnic museum, where the cultural heritage of the Russian mining matter and metallurgy are widely reflected in close relation with general Russian historic and technical heritage.  In 2009 the issue .describing the Museum of the history and Idevelopment of Norilsk Industrial Region has been published. In 2010 we have made a special issue devoted to collections of the State museum of the Orient Art.

At present time we are preparing several new similar issues, e.g. about the State Darwin museum.

We are also looking forward to make such joint issues with famous foreign museums and we are ready to consider all proposals with attention and readiness.