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Non-ferrous Metals

Zinc Production
ArticleName Investigation of Processes Which Accompany Cementing Cleaning of Zinc Sulfate Solutions
ArticleAuthors P. A. Kozlov, L. A. Kazanbaev, A. V. Kolesnikov, I. V. Shipitsyn, E. V. Golubeva
ArticleName Studies of Reasons Related to Decreasing Cathode Zinc Quality in Implementing the Technology at the New Electrolysis Complex
ArticleAuthors A. V. Kolesnikov, L. A. Kazanbaev, P. A. Kozlov, S. Yu. Perevalov, Yu. M. Eryomina
ArticleName Making Use of Refractory Materials for Lining of Waelz Kilns
ArticleAuthors P. A. Kozlov, Yu. V. Reshetnikov, L. A. Kazanbaev, O. V. Gizatulin, D. A. Ivakin
ArticleName Forms of Demonstration of Indium in Zinc Concentrate Processing Products
ArticleAuthors L. A. Kazanbaev, B. L. Dobrotsvetov, P. A. Kozlov, V. L. Kubasov, N. A. Akimova, S. A. Zagrebin
ArticleName Improvement of Indium Extraction Process from Zinc Solutions Using Pulsation Type Extractors
ArticleAuthors L. A. Kazanbaev, A. P. Girshengorn, P. A. Kozlov, S. A. Zagrebin, A. V. Kolesnikov
Aluminum Production
ArticleName Stepwise Character of Technical Policy at the Bogoslovsky Aluminum Plant – SUAL JSC Affiliate
ArticleAuthor S. N. Aminov
ArticleName Introduction of Gas-Flame Calcination of Electrolyzers at BAZ
ArticleAuthors P. E. Malogritsenko, D. A. Kiselev
ArticleName Implementation of Program of Alumina Coarsening
ArticleAuthors S. N. Aminov, L. P. Lutskaya, N. A. Karpov
ArticleName Automation of Alumina Production
ArticleAuthor S. A. Grebnev
ArticleName Influence of Energy Resources Price Rise on Overall Performance of Energy-Intensive Consumers for Prospect of up to 2020
ArticleAuthors A. V. Sysoev, V. P. Lankin, N. I. Il’kevich, V. A. Stennikov, V. M. Sobolevsky
Journals →  Non-ferrous Metals →  2006 →  #1