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ArticleName Cyanidation of oxidized copper-bearing gold ore
ArticleAuthors Zalesov M. V., Petrov G. V.

Saint-Petersburg Mining University of Empress Catherine II, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
M. V. Zalesov, Post-Graduate Student
G. V. Petrov, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,

ArticleName Development and testing of selective agents for complex gold ore flotation
ArticleAuthors Matveeva T. N., Gromova N. K., Lantsova L. B., Poperechnikova O. Yu.

Academician Melnikov Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources—IPKON, Russian Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia

T. N. Matveeva, Deputy Director of Science, Doctor of Engineering Science,
N. K. Gromova, Researcher
L. B. Lantsova, Researcher


RIVS Group, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
O. Yu. Poperechnikova, Deputy CEO of Science, Candidate of Engineering Sciences

ArticleName Modeling autogenous milling of iron ore with regrinding of critical particle sizes
ArticleAuthors Samukov A. D., Gerasimenko S. I.

RIVS Group, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

A. D. Samukov, Leading Production Engineer,
S. I. Gerasimenko, Head of Ore Pretreatment Sector

ArticleName Technological improvement of adsorptive concentration of platinum metals from chloride solutions after hydrometallurgical processing of low-sulfide flotation concentrates
ArticleAuthors Boduen A. Ya., Fokina S. B., Fedorov A. T., Petrov G. V.

RIVS Group, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

A. Ya. Boduen, Director of the Hydrometallurgical Department, Candidate of Engineering, Sciences,


Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia
S. B. Fokina, Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
A. T. Fedorov, Assistant, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
G. V. Petrov, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

ArticleName Hydrometallurgical technologies of processing low-grade and low-quality copper concentrates
ArticleAuthor Boduen A. Ya.

RIVS Group, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

A. Ya. Boduen, Director of the Hydrometallurgical Department, Candidate of Engineering, Sciences,

ArticleName Features of processing technology for low-grade ore of Kalmakyr deposit
ArticleAuthors Gerasimenko L. A., Logovskaya G. V.

RIVS Group, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

L. A. Gerasimenko, Production Engineer at Technological Research Department,
G. V. Logovskaya, Mineralogist

ArticleName Comparative characteristics of efficiency of pneumatic and pneumo-mechanical flotation machines in copper–gold ore processing
ArticleAuthors Lukyanov K. V., Shamigulov O. Yu., Ivanov E. A.

RIVS Group, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

K. V. Lukyanov, Head of Center for Mineral Resources Research,
E. A. Ivanov, Production Engineer


GRK Bystrinskoe, Gazimurskiy Zavod, Russia

O. Yu. Shamigulov, Chief Specialist of Technical Department

ArticleName Experience of development, introduction and improvement of automated assaying system for ore pulp products
ArticleAuthors Bondarenko A. V., Polishchuk A. M., Andreev I. V., Shapovalov E. V.

Analytical Center, RIVS Group, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

A. V. Bondarenko, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Director,
A. M. Polishchuk, Head of Experimental Development Sector
I. V. Andreev, Head of R&D Technical Support Sector
E. V. Shapovalov, Head of System Engineering Sector

ArticleName Reconstruction project for thickening and circulating water supply system at Lebedinsky GOK JSC
ArticleAuthors Golovanov A. V., Ropeiko S. A., Ismagilov R. I., Golenkov D. N.

RIVS Group, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

A. V. Golovanov, Deputy Director of Design Works Department, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
S. A. Ropeiko, Technical Director


METALLOINVEST Management Company LLC, Moscow, Russia
R. I. Ismagilov, Director of Technical Development
D. N. Golenkov, Head of Processing Technology Development

ArticleName Development of measurement procedures of amine-bearing flotation agents for industrial environmental control and in-process management
ArticleAuthors Yurlova N. A., Ivanova A. Yu., Maksakova I. B.

RIVS Group, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

N. A. Yurlova, Chief Specialist at Design Department, Doctor of Biological Sciences,


Mendeleev Research Institute of Metrology, Saint-Petersburg, Russia

A. Yu. Ivanova, Senior Researcher, Candidate of Chemical Sciences
I. B. Maksakova, Head of laboratory

Journals →  Gornyi Zhurnal →  2023 →  #10