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The ability to control the properties of rocks and their massifs is a very urgent task for the creation of modern technologies for processing minerals. This topic is the subject of an article that opens the fourth issue of the journal. It presents the results of long-term studies of the influence of negative temperatures on the energy intensity of crushing rocks and coals of Yakutia deposits. These data indicate the possibility of using negative temperatures for softening rocks and developing, on this basis, energy-saving technologies for their extraction and processing.


The problem of extracting flattened free gold from heavy schlich gravity concentrates is discussed in the next article of the issue. It proposes and experimentally substantiates a significant improvement in the quality of gold gravity concentrates due to preliminary centrifugal impact crushing.


Among the articles in the section «Beneficiation processes», we note the publication in which the possibility of increasing the parameters of X-ray luminescence separation due to the directed modification of the spectral-kinetic characteristics of unrecoverable diamonds using luminophores is substantiated.


Articles of the invariably topical section «Secondary raw material processing» are devoted to the issues of recycling red mud. The technology of processing red mud with heap leaching by the formate method is presented here. Solutions for the manufacture of further marketable products and de-alkalized red mud, suitable as a raw material for iron production, are obtained by this method. A method for the direct reduction of red mud pellets with coke and the addition of bentonite as a binder is proposed also. Bentonite makes it possible to obtain high-strength pellets with reduced iron.


The issue ends with an article that analyzes the experience of using filtering equipment at mining and processing enterprises in Russia. It notes the increasing distribution of filters, the designs of which combine dehydration processes of different physical essence in one installation. This increases the separation efficiency, provides a reduction in energy and operating costs, and allows for the full automation of the filtration redistribution.


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ArticleName Effects of negative temperatures on crushing rocks of various deposits in Yakutia
ArticleAuthor Zakharov E. V.

N. V. Chersky Institute of Mining of the North, Siberian Branch of RAS (Yakutsk, Russia):

Zakharov E. V., Senior Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,

ArticleName On the effect of impact isometrization on gold particles
ArticleAuthor Zashikhin A. V.

Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology SB RAS (Krasnoyarsk, Russia):
Zashikhin A. V., Researcher, Сandidate of Engineering Sciences,

ArticleName Effects of magnetic flocculation on iron-bearing ore concentration
ArticleAuthor Pelevin A. E.

Ural State Mining University (Ekaterinburg, Russia):

Pelevin A. E., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor,

ArticleName Oil shale breakage in a ball mill using different media types
ArticleAuthors Khairy N., El-Magd I. A., El-Mofty S. E., El-Midany A. A.

Cairo University (Giza, Egypt):

Khairy N., PhD Candidate;
El-Mofty S. E., Professor, PhD in Mining Engineering, Professor,
El-Midany A. A., Professor, PhD in Mining Engineering, Professor

National Authority for Remote Sensing and Space Sciences (Cairo, Egypt):

El-Magd I. A., Head of Department, PhD in Civil Engineering, Professor

ArticleName Substantiation for the composition of a luminophor-containing compound for modifying the spectral-kinetic characteristics of diamonds in X-ray luminescence separation
ArticleAuthors Chanturia V. A., Morozov V. V., Dvoichenkova G. P., Timofeev A. S.

Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources, Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow, Russia):
Chanturia V. A., Chief Researcher, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Academician of RAS
Morozov V. V., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor
Dvoichenkova G. P., Chief Researcher, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor,
Timofeev A. S., Senior Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences

ArticleName Leaching kinetics for thermally activated bauxite
ArticleAuthors Dubovikov О. A., Sundurov A. V.

St. Petersburg Mining University (St. Petersburg, Russia):

Dubovikov O. A., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Sundurov A. V., Postgraduate Student,

ArticleName Heap leaching of red mud by the formate method
ArticleAuthors Kozyrev B. A., Sizyakov V. M.

St. Petersburg Mining University (St. Petersburg, Russia):
Kozyrev B. A., Postgraduate Student,
Sizyakov V. M., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,

ArticleName Research on the reduction of iron oxide from red mud pellets using coke
ArticleAuthors Khalifa A. A., Bazhin V. Yu., Ustinova Ya. V., Shalabi M. E. H.

St. Petersburg Mining University (St. Petersburg, Russia).

Khalifa A. A., Postgraduate Student
Bazhin V. Yu., Head of Chair, Doctor of Engineering Sciences, Professor,
Ustinova Ya. V., Associate Professor, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,


Central Metallurgical Research and Development Institute (Cairo, Egypt):
Shalabi M. E. H., Head of Laboratory, Candidate of Engineering Sciences

ArticleName Filtering equipment application practice at Russian enterprises
ArticleAuthors Dmitrakova U. V., Kruglov A. V., Chylbak-ool E. D., Yushina T. I.

STC Bakor (Moscow, Shcherbinka, Russia):

Dmitrakova U. V., Researcher,
Kruglov A. V., Head of Research Center,

NUST MISIS (Moscow, Russia):

Yushina T. I., Head of Chair, Candidate of Engineering Sciences, Associate Professor,

Chylbak-ool E. D., Postgraduate Student

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