Platinum metals and alloys in glass fibre production

E. I. Rytvin

This book consideres the main information about the properties of platinum metals and their application in the glass-melting vessels for glass fibre production.

There are concidered the exploitation conditions of platinum alloys in glass-melting vessels with the temperature by 1200-1450°С. There are given elementary theoretical conceptions about nuclear and crystal structure of platinum alloys. The phase diagrams of the double systems characterize the interactions of platinum and palladium with other noble metals and base doped elements. The heat resistance of platinum alloys is detaily characterized; the particularities of their sublimation are described along with the dissolubility of glass in the melt with the exploitation temperatures of glass-melting vessels. There is shown the impact of temperature, tensions and environment on the properties of platinum alloys. The basic regularities of the changing of structure and properties of platinum alloys are analysed, according to their structure and fabrication method.

Special attention is given to the problems of destruction of glass-melting vessels from platinum alloys and increasing their durability.

Language of edition: Russian.

ISBN: 978-5-98191-064-7
Pages: 264
Binder: hardcover
Publisher: Ore and Metals PH
Language: English
Publishing year: 2012

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