50 years on the uranium mines. Memories of the uranium geologist

B. N. Khomentovskiy

This book presents the memories of a talanted geologist, doctor of geological and mineralogical sciences B. N. Khomentovskiy. He dedicated all his life for creating the Russian uranium ore raw material base. The book tells about the self-sacrificing work of geologists and miners while searchinng and developing the uranium deposits in the most hard post war period in the area of Central Asia, and in the following years — in Kazakhstan and Mongolia. The book gives a detailed description about the development of a Streltsovskoe ore field deposits, which became the basic uranium raw materials base in USSR.

Language of edition: Russian.

ISBN: 978-5-98191-058-6
Pages: 696
Binder: hardcover
Publisher: Ore and Metals PH
Language: English
Publishing year: 2011

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