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The 9th issue of “Chernye Metally” journal, 2016 is opened by its conventional sections “Iron and steel news of the world” and “News of the metallurgical companies”.


The main part of this issue is occupied by the section “Steel making” including 6 articles. One of them (written by V. Chizhevskiy, I. Grishin and O. Shavakuleva) is devoted to development of high-efficient technology of deep processing and comprehensive utilization of steel slags at metallurgical enterprises in the southern Ural.


Other papers in this section describe the following topics: operative planning in the basic oxygen shop at ThyssenKrupp Stahl plant in Beckerwerth; power-efficient usage of burners in the electric arc furnace at Badische Stahlwerke plant in Kehl, accompanying by less refractory wear; cutting the expenses for scrap owing to its upgrading and more detailed composition quality control, based on researches of Kobolde & Partners (Sweden); features of electric arc control in EAF at Primetals Technologies; operation experience for the new Outokumpu shop in Calvert (USA) specialized in melting of stainless steels.


The issue also publishes the papers in the sections “Powder metallurgy” (the article from Samara national research university about selective laser sintering of 316L steel powders) and “Economics and finances” (Review by Yu.L. Adno from the Primakov National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations, with preliminary results of the development of national and global iron and steel industry in 2016.


You may find below more details about the issue or book printed or electronic version of the journal.

ArticleName Iron and Steel News of the World
News of the Metallurgical Companies
ArticleName Special conveyor for reliable transportation of HDRI in Algeria
ArticleName Pilot ThyssenKrupp sintering plant in Duisburg
ArticleName Optimized basic oxygen converter construction of SSAB Europe company
ArticleName New secondary dust collecting unit is put into operation in Czech Republic
ArticleName Heavy plate of Dillinger Hutte for winding power plants in the North and Baltic seas
ArticleName Spectrometer for general metal analysis
ArticleName High-quality sheet steel of ThyssenKrupp for gas pipeline in Texas
ArticleName Rolling process improvement owing to mobile sensors for shape measuring
ArticleName Oil content measurement on steel strips
ArticleName Development of high-efficient technologies of deep processing and comprehensive utilization of steel slags
ArticleAuthors V. B. Chizhevskiy, I. A. Grishin, O. P. Shavakuleva

Nosov Magnitogorsk State Technical University (Magnitogorsk, Russia):

Chizhevskiy V. B., Dr. Eng., Chair of Geology, Mine Surveying and Mineral Processing
Grisin I. A., Cand. Eng., Ass. Prof., Chair of Geology, Mine Surveying and Mineral Processing
Shavakuleva O. P., Cand. Eng., Ass. Prof., Chair of Geology, Mine Surveying and Mineral Processing

E-mail (common):

ArticleName Operative production planning of TKS basic oxygen shop
ArticleAuthors T. Maniura, M. Arns, J. Drewes

ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe AG (Duisburg, Germany):

Maniura T., Engeneer, Development of Quality Systems and Processes, e-mail:
Arns M., Head of BOF Meltshop 2
Drewes J., Team Coordinator, Development of Quality Systems and Processes

ArticleName Usage of burners in the BSW electric arc furnace
ArticleAuthors A. Grosse, K. Libera, A. Opfermann, R. Schweikle, S. Buls, A. Volkert, S. Wohlfahrt

Badische Stahl-Engineering GmbH (Kehl, Germany):

Grosse A., Dr.
Libera K.
Opfermann A., Dr.
Schweikle R.
Buls S.

E-mail (common):

Badische Stahlwerke GmbH (Kehl, Germany):
Volkert A.
Wohlfahrt S.

ArticleName The impact of scrap upgrading on EAF production cost and environmental performance
ArticleAuthors R. Gyllenram, O. Westerberg

Kobolde & Partners AB (Chelyabinsk, Russia):

Gyllenram R., Dr. Eng., Chairman
Westerberg O., Mag. Eng., CEO, e-mail:

ArticleName Controlling in the electric arc properties in an AC-EAF at Dörrenberg Edelstahl
ArticleAuthors F. Stahl. M. Kuhnemund, K. Kruger, M. Hergt, W. Hartmann, B. Dittmer, A. Dobbeler, T. Matschullat

Dörrenberg Edelstahl GmbH (Engelskirche, Germany):

Stahl F., Prof.
Kühnemund M., Mag. Eng.


Max Eicher GmbH & Co. KG (Freilassung, Germany) [previously Helmut Schmidt University Hamburg (Hamburg, Germany)]:
Krüger K., Dr. Eng., Prof.


Siemens Corporate Technology (Erlangen, Germany):
Heigt M., Mag. Eng.
Hartmann W., Dr. Nat.


Primetals Technologies Germany GmbH (Erlangen, Germany):
Dittmer B., Mag. Eng.
Döbbeler A., Mag. Eng.
Matschullat Th., Dr. Eng., e-mail:

ArticleName Performance of the new stainless steel melt shop of Outokumpu in the USA
ArticleAuthors G. Stebner, L. Ernenputsch, H. Moggee, J. Stolz, J. Maas, K. Pastucha, D. Vaillancourt, D. Burzic

Outokumpu Stainless USA (Calvert, USA):

Stebner G., Dr. Eng., Vice President of Operations, e-mail:
Ernenputsch L., Dr. Eng., Director Melt Shop
Moggee H., Mag. Eng., Team Manager, Electric Arc Furnace / AOD Converter
Stolz J., Team Manager, Continuous Casting / Slab Grinding
Maas J., Team Manager, Maintenance Melt Shop


Primetals Technologies (Linz, Austria):
Pastucha K., Mag. Eng., Senior Expert, Stainless Steelmaking
Vaillancourt D., Process Metallurgist Steelmaking
Burzic D., Mag. Eng., Senior Expert, Continuous Casting

Powder Metallurgy
ArticleName Study of structures and mechanical properties of products manufactured via selective laser sintering of 316L steel powder
ArticleAuthors V. G. Smelov, A. V. Sotov, A. V. Agapovichev

Samara National Research University named after academician S. P. Korolev. (Samara, Russia):

Smelov V. G., Cand. Eng., Ass. Prof., Chair of Technology of Engine Fabrication,
Sotov A. V., Post-Graduate, Chair of Technology of Engine Fabrication,
Agapovichev A. V., Assistant, Chair of Technology of Engine Fabrication,

Steel as material
ArticleName Innovative alloyed steels to move forward the advanced technological processes in Europe
ArticleAuthor C. Iller

Schmolz + Bickenbach Group (Emmenbrücke, Switzerland):

Iller C., CEO, e-mail:

ArticleName Airplane components manufactured using 3D printer
Economics and Finances
ArticleName Metallurgy 2016: realities and hopes
ArticleAuthor Yu. L. Adno

Institute of the World Economy and International Relations (Moscow, Russia):

Adno Yu. L., head of the sector, e-mail:

ArticleName World steel production
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