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The first article in this issue, written by the Australian authors, is dedicated to assessment of economic efficiency of ore preparation flow sheets in processing of finely disseminated magnetite ores. The main conclusion of this study consists in economic viability of complete pebble mills ore grinding flow sheet application in future designs of ore-dressing plants. The authors approach to CO2 emissions cost estimate – factor that with high probability will have to be taken into consideration by Russian designers in the near future, is useful.


Two articles in the section “Processing Technology” consider the problems of copper ores processing. The article by I. I. Maksimov et al. presents the results of the studies performed with the view to develop processing technology for the Gaiskoye deposit’s off-grade copper-containing ore, which is mainly dumped at the present time. As a result of comparison of three ore-preparation alternatives, the most efficient was chosen, providing for production of 18% copper concentrate, copper recovery into concentrate being about 76 %. The article by G. N. Mashevsky et al. considers the problem of pyrrhotine copper-pyrite ores flotation concentration. The reasons for low copper recovery are revealed by applying ionometric charting of the “Green Mountain” Plant production process. It is shown, that preliminary pulp aeration in Na2SO3 medium in presence of aerofloat permits to achieve an essential copper recovery increase, if compared with base regime.


In the section “Beneficiation processes” main attention is given to application of flotation reagents. In order to prevent deposition of residue, being formed in joint dissolution of butyl sodium xanthate and butyl potassium xanthate in hard water, it is recommended to use complex former, able to form water-soluble complexes with alki-earth cations, this reagent was given a name of hardness regulator (the article by V.I. Ryaboy et al.). The research on “DMIPEK” reagent application in flotation of copper and copper-zinc raw materials (the article by M. N. Sabanova et al.), showed, that this reagent permits to increase copper, gold and silver recovery into concentrate. With that, it is noted, that consumption of the reagent and points of dosing must be determined for each specific type of raw material.


A pressing problem of man-caused mineral raw materials utilization is raised in the article by V. А. Chanturya et al. The need is emphasized for mineralogical-and-processing assessment of man-caused raw materials to be performed on the basis of new scientific knowledge of mineral associations’ processing properties and transformation during accumulation and storage of man-caused raw materials, using all means of the-state-of-the-art processing mineralogy; efficient processing technologies should be developed with regard to man-caused mineral raw materials, and conventional treatment processes should be adapted to specifically altered processing properties of man-caused raw materials. Positive examples of adaptive approach application to combined gravity-hydrochloride technology development for gold re-recovery from aged dump tailings of gold recovery plants, to smelter slag selective disintegration technology using centrifugal-impact crushing apparatuses, etc., are presented.

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ArticleName Reducing grinding energy and cost — magnetite iron ore design case study
ArticleAuthors Jankovic A., Valery W.

Metso Process Technology & Innovation (Australia):

Jankovic A., A/P Manager of Development and Process Engineering, Ph. D,

Valery W., Senior Vice President, Ph. D.,

ArticleName The Gaiskoye deposit's off-grade copper-containing ore processing technology development
ArticleAuthors Maksimov I. I., Otrozhdyonnova L. А., Zavarina R. I.

JSC «Mekhanobr Engineering» (Russia):

Maksimov I. I., Science Director, Doctor of Engineering

Otrozhdennova L. A., Leading Researcher, PhD Technical

Zavarina R. I., Researcher

E-mail (common):

ArticleName The «Named after the 50th October anniversary» deposit copper-pyrite ores flotation technology improvement
ArticleAuthors Mashevsky G. N., Petrov A. V., Romanenko S. A.

Outotec (St. Petersburg):

Mashevsky G. N., Chief Process Adviser, Doctor of Engineering,

Petrov A. V., Head of Department,

Romanenko S. A., Leading Process Engineer,

ArticleName A method of mineral particles magnetic properties selective alteration by colloids
ArticleAuthors Bragin V. I., Baksheeva I. I.

Siberian Federal University; Institute of Chemistry and Chemical Technology, Siberian Branch of RAS (Russia):

Bragin V. I., Head of Chair, Doctor of Engineering, Professor


Siberian Federal University (Russia):

Baksheeva I. I., Postgraduate,

ArticleName Water conditioning with joint application of xanthates and aerofloats
ArticleAuthors Ryaboy V. I., Ryaboy I. V., Levkovets S. Ye.

«Mekhanobr-Orgsintez-Reagent» CJSC (Russia):

Ryaboy V. I., General Director, Doctor of Engineering,

Ryaboy I. V., Deputy General Director


«Kvadrat Plyus» CJSC (Russia):

Levkovets S. Ye., Deputy General Director

ArticleName The results of «DMIPEK» reagent application in flotation benefication of copper and copper-zinc ores
ArticleAuthors Sabanova M. N., Gusev A. A., Schelkunov S. A., Malyshev O. A.

Sibay Branch of the Uchalinskiy GOK (Russia):

Sabanova M. N., Head of Research Laboratory,


GeoProMining LLC (Russia):

Gusev A. A., Director of Production Department,


StrimerCenter (Russia):

Shchelkunov S. A., Director on Innovation Projects, Ph. D.,

Malyshev O. A., Technical Director, Ph. D.,

ArticleName Vibratory screening of metallic and non-metallic materials. Innovation developments of REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika»
ArticleAuthors Vaisberg L. А., Korovnikov А. N., Trofimov V. А.

REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» (Russia):

Vaisberg L. A., Scientific Advisor of the Company, Corresponding Member of RAS, Doctor of Engineering, Professor

Korovnikov A. N., Director on sales of equipment for nonmellic materials processing, Ph. D.

Trofimov V. A., Chief Trend Designer

ArticleName New trends in inertia cone crusher studies
ArticleAuthors Safronov А. N., Kazakov S. V., Shishkin YE. V.

REC Mekhanobr-teknika (Russia):

Safronov A. N., Projects Director, Ph. D.,


National Mineral Resources University (Russia):

Kazakov S. V., Design Engineer, Ph. D.

Shishkin Ye. V., Deputy Head of Chair, Ph. D.

ArticleName Minerals separation processes adaptation to man-caused raw materials: problems and solutions
ArticleAuthors Chanturiya V. А., Shadrunova I. V., Gorlova O. Ye.

Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources, RAS (Russia):

Chanturiya V. A., RAS Member, Doctor of Engineering, Professor,

Shadrunova I. V., Scientific Secretary, Doctor of Engineering, Professor,


Magnitogorsk State Technical University named after G. I. Nosov (Russia):

Gorlova O. Ye., Associate Professor, Ph. D.,

ArticleName Waste utilization technologies for nonmetallic reject aggregates
ArticleAuthors Arsentyev V. A., Vaisberg L. A., Shuloyakov A. D., Romashev A. O.

Interstroyproekt CJSC (Russia):

Arsentyev V. A., Deputy General Director, Doctor of Engineering,


REC «Mekhanobr-tekhnika» (Russia):

Vaysberg L. A., Scientific Advisor of Company, Corresponding Member of RAS, Doctor of Engineering, Professor,


Interstroyproekt CJSC (Russia):

Shuloyakov A. D., General Director, PhD Technical,


National Mineral Resources University (Russia):

Romashev A. O., Lecturer,

ArticleName The International Conference «State-of-the-Art Methods of Technologic Mineralogy in the Combined and Advanced Processing of Minerals» (The Plaksin's Readings—2012)
ArticleAuthor Shchiptsov V. V.
ArticleName Metso’s lamella thickeners — the shortest way to reduction of operational costs at a condensation stage
ArticleAuthor Fekhtman A. V.
ArticleName ZAO Thrane Teknikk
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