Dmitry G. Elanskiy

Associate professor, Ph.D.


Field of work:

• equipment, technology, organization structure, human factors of mini-mill and EAF based operations.



• Modeling of processes and objects in metallurgy (for engineer course students)

• EAF steelmaking basics (for engineer course students)

• Technological and economical aspects of EAF steelmaking (for engineer course students)

• New metallurgical technologies (for master course students)


Work history:

• 1984-present — Associate professor, Department of steel and ferroalloys metallurgy; Head of the Department of EAF steelmaking in Vyksa branch of MISiS.

• 2001-2008 – expert of «Chermetinformatsiya» institute;

• 1988-1991 – reviewer of VINITI;

• 1986-1988 – VLKSM committee of MISiS;


Education and training:

2010, 2007, 2004, 2003, 2002 – training seminars «Mini-mill operations», by 1 week each, Badische Stahl Engineering/Badische Stahl Werke, Kehl, Germany;

2007, 2005 – training seminars and company visits «Modern technology of scrap treatment and steelmaking in Germany», by 2 weeks each, MGVMI – Stahl Zentrum, Moscow-Dusseldorf, Russia-Germany;

2006 – training seminar «Modern ferrous metallurgy of Europe: technology, ecology, quality» with visits to steel plants in Germany, 2 weeks, Bildungszentrum am Muggelsee GmbH, Berlin, Germany;

2003 г. – training seminar «Technique of adult teaching» 72 h, Moscow

1992-1995 гг. – PhD student at Tohoku University, Institute of Advanced Materials Processing, Sendai, Japan, Doctor of Engineering degree, later transferred into Russian Ph.D. degree;

1986-1989 гг. – PhD student at MISiS;

1978-1984 гг. – MISiS, faculty of Physical Chemistry, engineer.


Participation in projects (* - also as project manager):

2002-2010 – consulting and information service for Badische Stahl Engineering (BSE)*

2007-2008 – development of organization structure, technical expertise of the plant project and personnel training for CRC OMK, Vyksa (with BSE);

2007 – expertise of mini-mill project of UGMK in Tumen;

2006 – development of business plan and feasibility study of mini-mill with capacity of 800000 t of long products in Pavlodar, Kazakhstan (with BSE);

2006 – expertise and comparison of operations of rebar rolling mills of ZSMK, Novokuznetsk (with BSE);

2004-2005 – improvement of boiler steel technology at VTZ, Volzhskiy*;

2004 – expertise of project “Modernization of steelmaking bay of foundry shop of Bezhitsk steel foundry plant, Bryansk”*;

2004 – choice of product type made of direct reduced iron at Michailovskiy GOK;

2003-2005 – installation of oxygen system and off-gas system modernization at KMK/NKMK EAF-2, Novokuznetsk (with BSE);

2003 – expertise of project of EAF installation at Serov Metallurgical Works, Serov;

2002 – expertise of EAF-6 modernization project at ChMK, Chelyabinsk (with BSE);

2001 – development of offers on development of OEMK, Staryi Oskol;

2000 – improvement of steelmaking technology at OEMK with aim of reduction on Mn consumption, Staryi Oskol;

1999 – development and implementation of vortex radiation injector for CO post-combustion at NLMK EAF, Lipetsk;

1985 – improvement of steelmaking technology at 25-t DC EAF at Izhstal plant, Izhevsk.


Participation in training programs for engeneers of metallurgical plants and companies (* - also as project manager):

2010-2011 – Uzbekistan Metallurgical Works, Bekabad, Uzbekistan*

2009 – Uzbekistan Metallurgical Works

2008 – «Russpetsstal», Moscow

2008 – GUP LPZ, Yartsevo

2008 – «Severstal» I&S Works, Cherepovets

2007 – EZTM, Electrostal

2007 - TMK, Moscow*

2007 – «Novorosmetall», Novorossiisk*

2006 – «Severstal» I&S Works, Cherepovets

2005 – Serov Metallurgical Plant, Serov

2004 – «Severstal» I&S Works, Cherepovets

2003 – Izhora plant of «OMZ-Spetsstal», S-Peterburg

2001 – Taganrog Metallurgical Plant, Taganrog

2000 – VMZ «Red October», Volgograd*

2000 – VTZ, Volzhskiy*