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ArticleName Colloidal-chemical and flotational characteristics of new flotation agents of tetrahydropyranic series
ArticleAuthor Bekturganov N. S., Tusupbaev N. K., Semushkina L. V., Kalieva R. S.


N. S. Bekturganov, President


Centre of Earth Sciences, Metallurgy and Ore Beneficiation:

N. K. Tusupbaev, Head of Laboratory, e-mail:

L. V. Semushkina, Junior Researcher

R. S. Kalieva, Junior Researcher


On the base of literature survey and comparison of character of flotoreagents interaction with surface of sulfide minerals, structures and necessary functional groups of synthesized flotoreagents were theoretical predicted, having both collective and foaming properties, these are one strongly polar group, one cyclic low polar and nonpolar radical with linear structure. New sulfhydryl foaming agent (КСК-6) of tetrahydropyranic series from crude oil was obtained. Colloidal-chemical characteristics of КСК-6 in comparison with butyl xanthogenate were studied. Researches on replacement of Т-80 foaming agent by new reagent КСК-6 for flotation of monominerals and polymetallic ore were realized. It was shown, that action of КСК-6 is more effective in comparison with Т-80, besides, КСК-6 possesses also collective properties. Usage of KCK-6 foaming agent, treated with ultrasound, increases copper extraction to collective copper-lead concentrate by 5%, compared with T-80, lead extraction increases by 9%. Consumption of butyl xanthogenate decreases by 30%.

keywords Flotation agent, collector, foaming agent, potential, wettability, mineral, flotation, concentrate.

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