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ArticleName System of internal-drainage water rotation at concentrating plants of nonferrous metallurgy with simultaneous perfection of their technology
ArticleAuthor Baymakhanov M. T.

Centre of Earth Sciences, Metallurgy and Ore Beneficiation:

M. T. Baymakhanov, Chief Researcher, Lab. of Flotation Agents and Beneficiation, phone: 7(727) 291-82-22


The list of polluting substances in industrial sewage of non-ferrous metals ores benefication is given in article. Clearing of such waters up to effective standards cannot be made in the absence of cheap effective methods. Therefore, the best way of prevention of water objects pollution is enterprises transfer on system of recycling water supply. Various stages of problem solution, using various methods and techniques are described. As a result, the scientifically-proved technology of recycling water rotation of benefication of polymetallic non-ferrous metals ores has been developed. Some conditions of realization of internal-drainage water supply of concentration plants are formulated. Researches for perfection of technology of non-ferrous metals ores benefication using hydrophobic interactions is conducted. These researches in the conditions of recycling water supply are continued.

keywords Sewage treatment, polluting substances, recycling water supply, tailing dump, system of internaldrainage water supplying, concentrating plant, ore, metals extraction

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