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ArticleName Processing of stale slurry tailings from chrome ore processing plants to obtain standard chrome concentrate
DOI 10.17580/or.2024.01.08
ArticleAuthor Serzhanova N. Kh., Kuldeev E. I., Bondarenko I. V., Erzhanova Zh. A.

JSC «Institute of Metallurgy and Ore Bebefication», Satbayev University (Almaty, Kazakhstan)
Serzhanova N. Kh., Researcher,
Kuldeev E. I., Leading Researcher, Candidate of Geological and Mineralogical Sciences
Bondarenko I. V., Senior Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences
Erzhanova Zh. A., Researcher,


This article studies the material and mineral compositions of chromite ore processing tailings of Donskoy Ore Mining and Processing Plant JSC (DGOK) in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The ore samples are mainly represented by chromospinelides and serpentine fragments, antigorite, lizardite, and chrysotile serpentine minerals, as well as small quantities of olivine residues and dolomite-calcite-containing carbonate minerals, and traces of talc. In addition to waste rock, the sludge tailings of the DGOK also contain chromites (FeCr2O4). Chromite particles in the sludge tailings are mainly present in the fine particle size range of 0.01 to 0.5 mm. The chromium oxide content depends on the size class. The studies have confirmed the feasibility of using the technology developed for the processing of sludge tailings to obtain a standard chromium concentrate. The technology implies preliminary classification of stale sludge tailings from the DGOK into narrow size classes, followed by gravity concentration of each class using concentration tables. The studies have shown that, when compared to the sludge tailings process currently used at the DGOK, this technology ensures an increase in chromium oxide recovery from 66.5 to 85.66 %, that is, by 19.16 %, and a decrease in the content of chromium oxide in the tailings from 18.8 to 9.01 wt% (by
9.79 %). The resulting chromium concentrate is fine and contains Cr2O3 > 50 wt%.
The research was completed with the financial support of the Science Committee of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan under grant No. АР08856229.

keywords Particle size distribution, gravity concentration, chromite concentrate, concentration table, processing tailings

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