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ArticleName Promising technology trends in underground coal mining in Russia
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2023.09.01
ArticleAuthor Kazanin O. I.

Empress Catherine II Saint Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

O. I. Kazanin, Dean of the Mining Faculty, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,


In the article, based on the analysis of the current state and global trends in the development of mining technologies, the main directions of technological advancement in underground coal mining in Russia are considered. It is shown that longwall mining systems providing the best technical and economic indicators of production safety and efficiency have the greatest prospects. The methods of longwall panel development, their main parameters and the scope of application are analyzed. The features of the basic technologies involved in coal mining (longwalling, heading, teardown) in Russia and in the USA, as well as the possibilities of their modernization in the short term are considered. A significant reserve of productivity growth of longwalling and heading lies in the increased efficiency of using the potential of modern equipment. The analysis of the approaches to mining safety is carried out. The necessity of monitoring the risks of various accidents during the entire life cycle of a mine is emphasized. It is shown that in the complicated geological conditions in coal mining, automation and robotization, as well as transition to unmanned technologies become increasingly in demand. The analysis of the production automation in mines in the USA and in China is carried out, and the potential of this approach in coal mines of Russia is evaluated. The scientific supervision of mining operations and the maintenance of personnel training and professional development are highlighted as the necessary conditions of mining safety and efficiency.

keywords Coal, mine, technology, mining system, longwall operation, heading, teardown, safety, automation

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