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ArticleName Risk of gas dynamic phenomena in roof rocks in entry heading in potassium stratum III
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2023.08.03
ArticleAuthor Litvinovskaya N. A., Papulov A. S., Petrovsky A. B., Podlesny I. A.

Mining Institute, Ural Branch, Russian Academy of Sciences, Perm, Russia:

N. A. Litvinovskaya, Researcher, Candidate of Engineering Sciences,
A. S. Papulov, Engineer


Belaruskali JSC, Soligorsk, Belarus:
A. B. Petrovsky, Deputy Chief Engineer of Mining
I. A. Podlesny, Chief Engineer


The article comprehensively describes a research technique for the potential risk of gas dynamic phenomena in roof rocks in entries. At the present time, Belaruskali’s Mine 3 is arranging mining operations in the fourth sylvinite layer in potassium stratum III, undercut by stoping in the lower lying sylvinite layers. In this connection, at the level of 620 m in Starobin potash field, the risk of rock bursts with gas emission in roof rocks during entry heading in the mined-out stoping void is assessed. The gas content and gas dynamics assessment in roof rocks included in-mine research in different geotechnical conditions of entry heading. The research findings show that in the layer of rocks at the depth more than 4 m, undermining operations promote accumulations of free gases at interfaces. These free gas nests are the potential sources of gas dynamic phenomena in the form of rock bursts and gas emission in roof rocks. For the safe heading of entries in the mined-out stoping void, it is recommended to perform preventive drilling in roof rocks. It is expedient to make provisions for the preventive gas drainage in roof rocks: at junctions of entries and T stopes; at junctions of entries and process connections at intersections with T stopes; at junctions of entries and process connections between drifts in rib pillars; in vehicle maneuver rooms.

keywords Gas dynamic phenomena, sylvinite, primary mining, Starobin potash deposit, potassium stratum undercutting, gas content, gas pressure

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