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ArticleName Integrated mechanized mining system with ore shrinkage
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2023.07.07
ArticleAuthor Pirogov G. G., Podoprigora V. E.

Transbaikal State University, Chita, Russia:

G. G. Pirogov, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
V. E. Podoprigora, Associate Professor


The mining technology with ore shrinkage has significant advantages: the stored ore serves as a working platform and a means of support for the mined-out space during block breaking. At the same time, this technology is characterized by low productivity of face workers and by a high percentage of manual labor reaching 50%. This article proposes a technology with mechanization of the main and auxiliary processes of stoping using a system of self-propelled machines, for which a patent of the Russian Federation has been obtained. Self-propelled machines enter the stoping space via a ramp with accesses to layers to be blasted in footwall rock mass. The stored ore is compacted under the influence of its own gravity, weight of the self-propelled machines on its surface, and due to the convergence of the sides of the block, especially in thin ore body mining, which negatively affects the completeness of ore drawing. It is proposed to expand the end sections of loading exits by cutting the footwall rocks at an angle of 55–600 deg to the walls and roof of the exits. To increase the efficiency of top ore caving, it is proposed to cave the crown pillars toward the stored ore. In thin ore body mining, in order to obtain a standard width of the stoping space, drilling and blasting embraces barren rocks, which is accompanied by an increase in dilution, and, consequently, by a deterioration in economic indicators. It is recommended to use small-sized self-propelled machines. The performed comparative technical and economic assessment allows concluding that it is expedient to consider the proposed stoping technology as an alternative solution to the effective mining of lodes.

keywords Ore shrinkage, technology, ore compaction, footwall rock cutting, dilution, smallsized self-propelled machines, comparative technical and economic assessment

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