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ArticleName Optimization of duty of synchronous motors in centrifugal machinery in mining
DOI 10.17580/em.2023.01.12
ArticleAuthor Ershov M. S., Komkov A. N., Portnyagin N. N.

Gubkin National University of Oil and Gas, Moscow, Russia:

Ershov M. S., Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
Komkov A. N., Candidate of Engineering Sciences
Portnyagin N. N., Doctor of Engineering Sciences


The article discusses the MATLAB Simulink-based model of a synchronous motor of centrifugal machinery which is common in the mining and processing industry. The computer modeling includes the characteristic static and dynamic modes of the motor. In the static conditions, the energy saving and stability control of a synchronous motor via the excitation channel is contradictory: the increase in the energy efficiency causes decreases the stability factor of the motor and vice versa. The possibility of increasing the operation stability of a synchronous motor at short-term losses of power supply—voltage falls on the stator winding—is studied. In the dynamic conditions of the motor, the combination of the cyclic excitation control and the frequency control via the frequency converter of the frequency-variable drive favors the self-synchronization of the synchronous motor during the long voltage falls, which allows reducing the events of the motor re-synch with the field killing and accelerates the normal operation recovery of the motor.

keywords Synchronous motor, modes, energy efficiency, frequency adjustment, stability

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