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ArticleName Mixed-type geotechnologies are the basis for cost-effective, safe and ecologically balanced development of ore deposits
DOI 10.17580/em.2023.01.08
ArticleAuthor Bitimbayev M. Zh., Yusupov H. A., Jumabaev E. I., Fedotenko N. A.

National Engineering Academy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan:

Bitimbayev M. Zh., Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

Jumabaev E. I., Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Satbayev University, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan:
Yusupov H. A., Professor, Corresponding Member, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,


Research Institute of Comprehensive Exploitation of Mineral Resources—IPKON, Moscow Russia:
Fedotenko N. A., Candidate of Engineering Sciences


The steady demand for mineral raw materials requires constant advanced reproduction of the mineral resources. One of the practical solutions to improve the technical and economic indicators of the use of mineral resources is the mixed-type geotechnologies, which in the current situation are created and applied as a special part of mining sciences with many options in relation to mineral deposits and manmade mineral-bearing waste. The review and analysis of the created and proposed geotechnologies allows distinguishing and classifying them with respect to the methods of mining advance and their correlation, and with respect to technologies of mineral recovery from ore mass. Considering mixed-type geotechnologies as a part of the “system of knowledge about the laws of manmade transformation of the Earth’s interior toward new understanding of management and preservation of mineral wealth as a life-support resource for social development” [1], we must move in our reasoning from the general to the particular. The article describes the principles of classification and systematization of mixed-type geotechnologies that ensure selection and achievement of the most efficient and safe method for obtaining final products from minerals.

This study was supported by the Committee of Science of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education the Republic of Kazakhstan, Grant No. AP14871011.

keywords Mineral mining, mixed-type geotechnologies, hybrid mining method, physicotechnical and physicochemical geotechnologies, economic and ecological efficiency, safety

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Full content Mixed-type geotechnologies are the basis for cost-effective, safe and ecologically balanced development of ore deposits