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ArticleName Finding innovative solutions to extend in-use life of cutter picks for heading machines
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2023.06.10
ArticleAuthor Prokopenko S. A., Ludzish V. S., Ravochkin N. N., Shadrin V. G.

VostNII Scientific Center, Kemerovo, Russia:

S. A. Prokopenko, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
V. S. Ludzish, Professor, Doctor of Engineering Sciences

Gorbachev Kuzbass State Technical University, Kemerovo, Russia1 ; Kuzbass State Agricultural Academy, Kemerovo, Russia2:

N. N. Ravochkin1,2, Associate Professor, Doctor of Philosophy


Kemerovo State University, Kemerovo, Russia:

V. G. Shadrin, Associate Professor, Candidate of Economic Sciences


One of the trends for improvement of picks of cutting machines is designing their head ends to be replaceable. The in-situ tests of cutter picks on heading machine KSP-35 revealed the recycling possibility up to 9 operating cycles and more. This enables reduction of metal consumption in manufacture and operation of cutter picks by 3–4 times. The metal saving is 9–11 kg per one innovation cutter pick. Metal rejects after 10 usage cycles total 3 kg, which is 4.6 times less than rejects of 10 ordinary cutter picks. The profitability of spending per one cutter pick reaches 500–600 %. Anxiety for prolongation of in-use life of non-expendable cutter picks governed development of a replaceable head with a protective armor made of a wear-resistant alloy. Protective properties of the armor were tested on a lab-scale shot blasting machine in comparison with four samples of cutter picks currently in application in mines. It is found that during equal time of exposure to an air and shot flow, the value and rate of the armored head wear are 30 times less than conventional picks have and 19 times less than import picks with protective covering have. The pilot innovation cutter picks are prepared for testing in mines. The laboratory testing results are meant for checking on the commercial scale in Kuzbass.

keywords Mine, cutter–loader, cutter pick, replaceable head, armor, wear, test, wear resistance, wear rate

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