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ArticleName Basic development trends in mining sector in complicating geotechnical conditions
DOI 10.17580/gzh.2023.05.01
ArticleAuthor Shabarov A. N., Kuranov A. D.

Research Center for Geomechanics and Mining Practice Problems, Saint-Petersburg Mining University, Saint-Petersburg, Russia:

A. N. Shabarov, Director, Doctor of Engineering Sciences,
A. D. Kuranov, Deputy Director, Candidate of Engineering Sciences


Research activities of the Research Center for Geomechanics and Mining Practice Problems at the Saint-Petersburg Mining University identified development trends in the mineral mining sector in complicating geotechnical conditions of operation. The part of a specialized scientific institution in supervision of mine planning, design and operation is described. Geomechanical problems is a significant actual deterrent of mine performance. It is possible to avoid adversities by investigating rock masses and processes using various methods: geodynamic zoning; digital modeling of mineral deposits; study of rock properties; in-situ geomechanical and hydrogeological research; hydromechanical and hydrogeological modeling; development of methodologies and procedures to determine geomechanically safe parameters of geotechnologies; integration of research findings in production, first of all, their adaptation to digital tools of process design and optimization. Today, we need a qualitatively new approach to geomechanical problems and solutions. The Research Center for Geomechanics and Mining Practice Problems is a key instrument in levelling the deterrence trend. The Center’s philosophy says that detection of active faults, reconstruction of block structure of rock masses and control of the rock mass behavior is a framework of geodynamic safety in subsoil management. The scope of the research activities of the Center encompasses development of novel methods and techniques to determine physical and mechanical properties of rocks. It is emphasized that the efforts of geomechanics researchers, explorers, designers and subsoil users should head toward elimination of the deterrence trend impact, and should pursue successful negotiation and effective solution of challenging geomechanical problems in the mining sector.

keywords Trend, mineral mining, geotechnical conditions, geomechanics, geodynamics, digital technologies, research, mining operations

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