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ArticleName Mining University and Ostafyevo State Museum – Russian Parnassus. Russian coinage and medallist art
DOI 10.17580/tsm.2023.02.08
ArticleAuthor Bazhin V. Yu., Korshikov Yu. A., Suslov A. P.

Saint Petersburg Mining University, Saint Petersburg, Russia:

V. Yu. Bazhin, Head of the Metallurgy Department, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor, e-mail:
A. P. Suslov, Vice Rector for Operation and Development of the Property Complex

Ostafyevo State Museum – Russian Parnassus, Ostafyevo selo, Moscow, Russia:

Yu. A. Korshikov, Deputy Director


This paper is a continuation of a series of articles dedicated to the graduates of the Mining University and their mint-related work. The paper considers the history of the Russian silver rouble by looking at items from the silver coin and medal collections owned by Ostafyevo State Museum – Russian Parnassus, as well as the Mining Museum of the Saint Petersburg Mining University. They include silver coins made by münzmeisters of the Saint Petersburg Mint, as well as medals by famous artists made of silver and copper alloys in different periods. A case study of items made by A. F. Vasyutinskiy, a renowned medallist of the Saint Petersburg Mint, examines a link between the Mint and the münzmeisters who graduated from the Mining University. The key figures of the mint business included graduates of the Mining Cadet School and the Mining Institute, who, being in charge of the silver and gold divisions of the Mint, implemented new approaches to making the imperial rouble. A feature of the medal making process is described that is attributed to certain stages involved in the production of the silver rouble. This paper is the result of joint effort by the Mining Museum and Ostafyevo State Museum – Russian Parnassus and is dedicated to the coming 250th anniversary of the Saint Petersburg Mining University, Russia’s first institution of higher technical education.
The authors would like to thank rector of the Saint Petersburg Mining University professor Vladimir S. Litvinenko for his support of this publication.

keywords Copper, bronze, silver coins, stamp, medal, medallist art, münzmeister, Mint, Mining University, Ostafyevo State Museum – Russian Parnassus, medal room

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